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new s*itphone needed

Started by Magyarorszag, June 04, 2017, 12:00:25 PM

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Quote from: Majorana's Mask on June 04, 2017, 05:53:47 PM
Quote from: SVT on June 04, 2017, 04:02:04 PM
oh... what do u tihnk of the nexus 5x

unless you can find it for like <$180, the nexus 5x's price:value ratio may actually be somehow even worse than the pixel's is

they're still charging $300 in 2017 for a phone that should have been no more than $250 in 2015

>2gb ram
>an insult of a processor
>criminally undersized battery
>horrible build quality
>random incurable bootlooping because it's a piece of lg trash

the thing is deservedly in the three-star range on both newegg and amzn (should be lower tbh)

honestly, unless you absolutely insist on having a pure android experience, i would avoid google phones altogether

the nexus phones haven't been good since the original nexus 6, and now the nexus brand is discontinued entirely lol doodthing;

what's your budget
i dont care/know too much about price of phones (i guess anywhere in 200 range is cook), my current phone costed me 30 dollars (not a smartphone) so the idea of spending 100s keeps me away from getting anything else.

But googlefi's plans are such a great deal that it's hard to pass it up. [20 bux a month for everything + 10 per gig.] my smartphone needs are uh limited too, i'd probably just use the GPS and google recipes when at grocery store. so i guess what i am saying Here is that unless there are great ass plans i am going to skip out on ANY smartphone. (currently paying 30 a month, dont really want to pay more)

i have no loyalties to andriod or apple


i think $200 is about the minimum you want to be spending on a good shitphone, any less than that and you'll begin hating it within weeks

also are you saying you have google fiber confuseddood;


i am speaking of this

not google fiber.

I currently have a unlimited talk+txt plan with verizon with a normal cellphone (not a smartphone)


June 04, 2017, 06:37:22 PM #18 Last Edit: June 04, 2017, 06:49:23 PM by Majorana's Mask
oh, i see

at those prices, i just don't see the value

google's service is more than likely just fine, but problem is the google handsets themselves - they are all heinously overpriced underperformers

the 5x should be $180 tops, the 6p should be $300 tops, and the pixels should be maxing out at $650, not starting there

if the pricing for the phones themselves were more like that, i'd probably recommend the 6p or maybe even the pixel, but at the current prices i couldn't recommend any of those

my advice: see what hiro has to say

otherwise, consider buying one of these outright: (blue 64gb model is at a gr8 price) (i would only recommend the 4gb version)


genuinely curious: why spend so much money on a phone? i've never tackled anything that i couldn't do easily on my $200 "budget" android phones


the mate 9 has a very specific feature set that i haven't really seen in any other phones in its price range or below:

  • 5.9" ips display @ 1080p (perfect because oled is a premature technology and 2.5k displays are battery killers)

  • no bigger than my comfortably sized current phone despite having a much larger screen (5.9" vs. 5.5")

  • the kirin 960 has approximately equal performance to the other two most powerful processors available on android, the snapdragon 835 and exynos 8895 (and the 835 devices are all either way more expensive or severely compromised in other ways, and i'm not paying $800 for a samsung device lol)

  • ostensibly great camera

  • gigantic battery and purportedly excellent battery life

  • allegedly unobtrusive, intuitive ui

  • band 12 which is important for t-mobile and which my current phone lacks

  • 64gb storage, more than adequate for me (current phone has 16gb which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge)

  • sd card slot

perhaps my only real gripe is that it only has 4gb of ram at that price rather than 6, but considering everything else i think i can overlook that (and hopefully i won't regret overlooking it)

Quote from: antmaster5000 on June 04, 2017, 07:56:46 PM
i've never tackled anything that i couldn't do easily on my $200 "budget" android phones

that's the price range i've been shopping in for years

my current phone was $230 in 2015, and it's served me mostly pretty well

honestly, i could probably get away with the $219 phone i suggested to silvertone above

Quote from: Majorana's Mask on June 04, 2017, 06:37:22 PM

and be perfectly okay with that, but on the other hand i've always been curious about whether the price premium for high-end phones is anywhere near justified, and i've kind of taken a liking to the mate 9 lol


i just bought a moto g5 plus and it is great (i am a loyal moto g user) but i dropped it in the toilet and now the touch screen doesnt work lol



have you given any consideration to what you might replace it with :(


i haven't lost all hope

i was a dumbass and started using it again within hours (i know i know) because it had just barely been submerged and the touchscreen wasnt working, but then like a few hours later it  WAS working, and then like two days later it stopped working again... then it worked for like a few hours and stopped again last night
i think there is some paste or something that needs to dry out so ill let it sit for sure until it is definitely dry

my mom gave me her old iphone 4 (i think that's what it is) which will suffice i guess lol. ive come to realize that as long as i can do my basic shit (calls/messaging/podcasts/music) i really dont need anything else. kind of like how small this phone is too


June 04, 2017, 10:23:20 PM #24 Last Edit: June 04, 2017, 11:10:17 PM by Majorana's Mask
ah, so our usage patterns differ majorly

i do a huge amount of web browsing on my phone during downtime

so i value large screens, massive amounts of ram and high performance

if you're mostly just texting and listening to audio and using it as a phone, though, you definitely don't need as much power or as large a screen

i barely use my phone as a phone at all, though, i use it as a babby pc instead


the moto g4 was pretty good especially for a budget phone
5.5" sceen, pretty powerful tbh. im tempted to buy it again over the g5 even though the specs are a bit worse



For any durability questions you have about the Mate 9.
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what do i do with an old iphone 4s guys

are there cool apps or anything


the htc u11 looks good

i just wish the screen were slightly larger lol


Quote from: antmaster5000 on June 05, 2017, 11:14:05 AM
what do i do with an old iphone 4s guys

are there cool apps or anything

This thing is a piece of shit lol

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