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The Lobby / what do you have to do to get ...
Last post by C.Mongler - Today at 10:32:15 AM
like seriously are there rules anymore?

i feel like i could make a gaped asshole thread and come out unscathed 
The Arts / Re: Currently/just finished wa...
Last post by Nyerp - Today at 12:02:27 AM
i agree evangelion is great
Video Games / Re: Recently purchased, played...
Last post by Nyerp - Today at 12:01:33 AM
i agree i love ff9
Quote from: Nyerp on August 28, 2019, 08:00:34 PMnow watch end of evangelion :)
nally watched this and it definitely made up for the shit ending of the tv show.

So much fucked up shit happening at the beginning. RIP that lady dragging that body. RIP that person that god burned. RIP best girl.

The second half was fuckin rad as hell. Loved the animation. Loved how they added more of the frantic animations from the last episodes into the movie, but it works a lot better here. Everything going on in the second half was so batshit crazy and creative. The whole bit with the knock off beatles song: 10/10. This was a great watch and i get why people dig eva now. at first I thought it was just cool 90s gundam. but the shit going on at the end of the show and here in the movie is really cerebral and unlike any anime I've seen before. I wish I saw it when I was younger tho i'm still glad i saw it now.

I stated playing this game when I was ten. Got all the way to the third disc and couldn't proceed cause it was scratched (couldn't get past the Cid part on Kuja's ship). Bought it again on the PS3 and got a little bit farther, but stopped playing again (I think I played it a lot in a short amount of time and got burned out). Tried to make progress on the Steam HD rerelease but I never had time to sit down and devote much time to a JRPG. Picked it up on the Switch this year and playing it on the go really helped me chip away at the story.

I loved everything about this game. The world is vibrant and engaging, every city has it's own personality. I was always amazed at the level of detail in the locations of the game, especially the ending (thought it was really cool to have those eyes on the wall in the end boss fight) The music is top notch (Kuja's fight music is goofy as hell but it only added to the fun of the game).

 I wanted to have every playable character in my party (except Amarant who is the shittiest/most boring character in the whole game. Maybe even the worst character in the whole franchise). Zidane was a fun protagonist teeming with daring and charisma that a lot of Final Fantasy protagonists lack. Dagger was a great heroine who I kept in my part as much as I could. Steiner was the perfect uptight knight, lots of comedic moments from him. Tho the best comic relief character was Quina, who's whole reasoning for joining Zidane and co. is the try out exotic food from across the world. There's even parts in the game where the characters kinda forget about Quina, and (s)he just kinda appears out of nowhere and rejoins the party like nothing happened.

The theme to this game imo is identity. Vivi (and later Zidane) want to learn more about their past and who they really are. Dagger and Steiner have to deal with some uncomfortable truths in the monarchy they're a part of. Freya's desperately searching for a love that doesn't remember her at all, on top of dealing with being a knight who was unable to protect her people. Almost all the characters at some point or another struggle with who they are and the growing pains throughout the game really make the ending scenes so satisfying.

I enjoyed antagonists as well, though they pull the "man behind the curtain" card too many times imo (I didn't really give a shit about Garland, and thought that the actual final boss was kind of pointless but a fun fight nonetheless.) Zorn and Thorne were fun henchmen and I always loved seeing them on the screen, kinda like that koopa in the egg from Paper Mario. Annoying as a fun personality trait, not annoying as a detriment. Brahne's manipulation of her daughter was great plot driver. Kuja himself is a bit of a weak protagonist, but i enjoyed his own struggles with identity later in the game.

I'm glad I finally finished this game, watching the epilogue and seeing the end screen gave me a huge sense of closure and accomplishment. I don't know that it's got the most polished fight system (Trance happens at the worst times) but it definitely has the most personality of any of the FF games I've played.
Quote from: 6M69I69B9 on November 07, 2019, 06:22:54 PMdam how
and short of it is Walmart put a wrong price on their website for FE + Expansion for 25$

I called every day complaining about not getting my game (digital copy, a code is usually emailed the day you ordered it).

eventually they emailed me the expansion pass. I complained again that I couldn't expand upon a game I didn't own

Customer Service gave me a 20$ gift card and a 10$ off promo code. bought some Nintendo Bucks with that.

redeemed the code for the dlc (since they couldn't return it anyway). Redeeming the code gave me some nintendo bonus bucks.

Then wal-mart refunded my money since it was a whole debacle (like five people promised me id get the game lol)

used all the nintendo bucks to get the base game lol.
Video Games / Re: Recently purchased, played...
Last post by Snowy - Yesterday at 08:30:25 PM
I actually just beat 3 houses

Solid 6.5/10. Nothing too great, but still pretty fun.
The Arts / Re: TV - Currently Watching Th...
Last post by tommy_no_ice - Yesterday at 04:28:40 PM
i know their Italian but callin em goats is a little far their probably not arab
The Lobby / Re: Thot Zone
Last post by antmaster5000 - Yesterday at 08:42:23 AM
MIB you should try street fighter
The Arts / Re: TV - Currently Watching Th...
Last post by antmaster5000 - Yesterday at 08:40:16 AM
finished second watch through of the sopranos

GOAT tv show
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