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Video Games / Re: Recently purchased, played...
Last post by Samus Aran - Today at 04:36:56 PM
I've been playing this rhythm game called Muse Dash and it's been really fun

I've also started playing DBFZ again because now I also have it on PC and it's just easier for me to get myself to play things that are on PC lol
Video Games / Re: 52 Games in 52 Weeks 2020:...
Last post by AAAAAAAA - Yesterday at 04:48:17 PM
ehhhh i'll count it. I'm not gonna make it to 52 probably anyway.
Announcements / Re: Ranking kredytowy
Last post by C.Mongler - Yesterday at 12:46:02 PM
The Lobby / Re: PotD: Have you been COVID ...
Last post by Samus Aran - November 30, 2020, 04:34:31 PM
Quote from: C.Mongler on November 30, 2020, 08:50:53 AMHaven't been exposed to my knowledge or symptomatic, so nope not yet.
Announcements / Re: Ranking kredytowy
Last post by Hiro - November 30, 2020, 03:42:23 PM
Announcements / Ranking kredytowy
Last post by fincasa - November 30, 2020, 02:16:17 PM
<p>W internecie da si znale bez najmniejszego problemu kilka o ile nie kilkanacie porównywarek finansowych. Teoretycznie nie ma lepszego wybierania oferty dla nas. Definiujemy kwot, okres kredytowania i porównywarka kredytowa uwidocznia nam setki ofert. W dodatku, moemy sobie kredyt zamówi przez kontakt z doradc.
Wszystko wydaje si proste ale...</p>
<p>W szeregu przypadków przy skadaniu wniosku dostajemy informacj, e nie osigniemy kredytu dlatego e nie speniamy warunków kredytodawcy.</p>
<p>Niestety porównywarka kredytów tylko konfrontuje propozycje, podsuwa jaki kredyt jest najtaszy, ujawnia zatuszowane elementy propozycji kredytowej, jakich w reklamie danego banku nie mona znale, niemniej jednak porównywarka kredytowa nie definiuje, i w danym banku kredyt na sto procent dostaniemy.</p>
<p>Kady bank ma swoj wasn taktyk,  w jednym nasza zdolno kredytowa bdzie naleyta do osignicia kredytu, w innym natomiast nie.</p>
<p>Jak skada wniosek o kredyt aby zminimalizowa moliwo odrzucenia wniosku?
Warto skorzysta z pomocy doradcy kredytowego, najczciej w wikszych porównywarkach kredytowych jest mono skorzystania z pomocy doradcy kredytowego w peni gratisowo.
Porównywarki kredytowe s bardzo przydatne, warto z nich korzysta wybierajc kredyt, powinno si jednak pamita, e to bank decyduje czy udzieli danej osobie kredytu.</p>
The Lobby / Re: PotD: Have you been COVID ...
Last post by C.Mongler - November 30, 2020, 08:50:53 AM
Haven't been exposed to my knowledge or symptomatic, so nope not yet. 
The Lobby / Re: PotD: Y'all Buy a Buncha B...
Last post by 6M69I69B9 - November 30, 2020, 01:32:07 AM
i was gonna grind searching for a 1660 super but no luck tfw

but i did buy a bunch of art supplies, and im also going to be giving some as gifts too
spent $160 on oil paint. i never had higher end oil paints, only lower and medium grade ones
but tbh the quality in some budget/medium grade oils isnt that shoddy, and I always could get the pigment i wanted no matter what, but ill admit some colors could appear more bold. so im happy to do some comparisons soon.
$35 on a watch that was half off, bc my current one broke.
bought some canvases and acrylic paint for some friends as a present to start off their art journeys, like $34, i wanted free shipping, so i bought myself an apron...ive been painting with my everyday shirts lmao
so, about $250.

to my convenience, crypto has been surging recently and my portfolio has gained $500 in value, have not traded in a year. but i did invest in a coin a decent much in the past and it's been getting more attention. so there's that to offset some costs. but lmao who am i kidding, im not going to pull out so soon.
The Lobby / Re: Sidney “Tectronâ€...
Last post by 6M69I69B9 - November 30, 2020, 01:16:06 AM
i cant believe i dropped $100 to buy vasari paint
but i did (minimum purchase to get anything shipped lol)
i wanted to see the quality in a prestigious oil paint brand
apparently it's some of the best in the world
in addition to this, i've also bought some old holland paint, another prestigious brand for oil

i have some medium to lower grade collection, but never have had high end professional quality paint, so i will be testing them all out.

Quote from: Hiro on November 29, 2020, 08:41:19 AMhappy birthday tec wrench;
o dam this too lol happy belated birthday

The Lobby / Re: PotD: Y'all Buy a Buncha B...
Last post by strongbad - November 29, 2020, 08:00:03 PM
snagged a moto g power for $180 i'm quite the hustler
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