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Video Games / Re: Recently purchased, played...
Last post by Nyerp - Yesterday at 09:50:29 PM
what's so bad about gooigi???
Internet, Science, & Technology / Re: Hiro Finally Builds a Comp...
Last post by David - Yesterday at 08:41:57 PM
Choice 8)

My only question is why just a SSD and not some high capacity HDDs for some game storage
Internet, Science, & Technology / Hiro Finally Builds a Computer...
Last post by Hiro - Yesterday at 08:24:46 PM

I just ordered all this shit like ten minutes ago, how did I do guys sillydood;
I beat Luigi's Mansion 3

God damn what a disappointment. It starts off great,really liked the atmosphere of the first few floors but the middle of the game fuckin' drags on and on. I loved the way that Luigi interacts with the world, but i wish it was little more spooky (can I levy that kind of criticism on a Nintendo game? it could only be but so spooky.) I can't help but feel like all the positive reviews came from people played the first 4 or 5 floors and dropping it. Could be fun co-op with Gooigi, but being forced to use him in single player was not fun. Also, one of the things you can do in the game is pick stuff up with your vacuum and shoot it out. A little crosshair pops up to help you aim but I had the hardest damn time actually aiming with it. Seemed like the crosshair had a mind of it's own. If they tweaked the controls a bit, removed like 3 or 4 floors, got rid of the Gooigi puzzles and tweaked that shitty final boss it would be a really rad game. Oh Well.
one down 51 to go lol
The Lobby / Re: so
Last post by Travis - Yesterday at 02:23:54 PM
were u the dude who knew lacey irl
The Lobby / Re: so
Last post by FAMY2 - Yesterday at 09:14:09 AM
Hey there.  :3
The Lobby / Re: Semi-Annual Hiro Check-in
Last post by FAMY2 - Yesterday at 09:13:30 AM
Before I post again. n_u
The Lobby / Re: favorite brand of chicken ...
Last post by Hiro - January 18, 2020, 11:09:04 PM
yeah better than bouillon is the shit
The Lobby / Semi-Annual Hiro Check-in
Last post by Hiro - January 18, 2020, 11:07:26 PM
hi guys I miss you all dearly
when are we gonna fix boyah
when am I going to post again
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