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i got a free bitching dell ultrabook

Started by Socks, November 21, 2016, 10:29:20 PM

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pretty slick and smooth, factory restore to windows 10 x 64 at high resolution on i5 5300 cpu jerk me core, and only 6gigs of ram installed. whatever, it costs me nothing. and accidentally trying to clean my screen i discovered that the fucker is a touch screen as well. i can move shit around or draw on it like joeinc if i wanted to. which i already did. got a stylus for it already. but the only thing i don't like, is how fucking boring and ugly windows 10 is.

almost a mockery and waste of the high resolution and brightness and fastest processing to show solid colored shit squares and rectangles and not tones or anything other than lines on a background. did the fucking programmers just give up, and say fuck it, we're going back to a glossy windows 98. i don't even care if it was done for speed reasons and being resource light because of the simplified design. no that fucking bullshit. i want good looks and cool shit and fast speed, this is fucking america, if you can't do it someone else will.



wait do i know you? what was your nsider username?



if socks is actually smxx i would lose more than just my shit


as much as i like a good prank i barely know what nsider was/is and don't know this super mario dude, but my name is mario for a coincidence

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