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Where to find small biz clients needing a website

Started by AMEX, October 23, 2016, 09:13:34 PM

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Hey nerds,

So I need some cash to help maintain my neet lifestyle. Mostly I just need to buy a new laptop. I learned web design explicitly for this purpose. However those small business people aren't on craigslist anymore. Wtf. Where do I find people, are they on some other sort of website. Upwork is impossible to make money off of because of all the people working for a dollar.

Or have people just wisened up and realized that a 5 page website is worth like 50 bucks.


i think services like squarespace and other EZ DIY services are taking over
at least that is what listening to NPR podcasts and hearing 10 billion squarespace ads has me believe



you should probably advertise your services with your local chamber of commerce. most entrepreneurs are older and set in their ways.

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