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Raspberry Pi Thread

Started by C.Mongler, July 15, 2016, 06:29:16 AM

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The new tiny nintendo announcement got me thinkin; why not build a Raspberry Pi emu box instead? Anyone made any Raspberry Pi boxes? Got any recommendations for cool cases???

I want to build one to play emulated shit via retropie and steam stream via moonlight; i assume i could build one to do both and just swap microSD cards with images mounted right


mostly curious to do it myself cuz if i make a cool retropie box then i have found an e-z gift for my brother for christmas because he is gettin' into retro gaymin lol


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lol i was just looking into retropie following the nes mini announcement
i bet you could get a cool 3d printed case too

i think im going to order one actually this would be a cool project


what would you use as a controller? ps4?
id use 360 controllers but they have shit dpads. i actually ordered a $2 snes knockoff controller from ali express. would be cool if it turns out to be not a piece of shit


i've seen 3d printed NES replicas actually lol tho some look like major ass.

i'd probably buy one of those knock off USB SNES pads or something; depends on what i decide to load er up with i guess, i'm not sure how well this thing handles 3d games but if it plays ps1 nicely then i cant really use a snes pad for that lol


hmm my dad has a pi zero that he said he'd give me but i wonder if it would be worth it to spend like $35 on the 3b which is what retropie recommends the most

would probably be worth it given the benchmarks comparing them but who knows if i'm primarily emulating up to snes/genesis


i would still get a 3b if you're doing emulation honestly, i would imagine the zero will struggle with half the SNES library, especially mode 7 games, but i dunno im not seeing many benchmarks on this shit lol


i'm basing it all off this
cool that they put out their own benchmarks

ill probably just get the 3b. my dad is just very anti me spending money on anything and guilts me into being frugal at the expense of my long term satisfaction hocuspocus;


uhhh im not totally sure, i think they're part of the case. and they aren't really necessary unless you plan on overclocking your pi, from what i know anyway


lmao i was browsing craigslist and some dude was selling a "retro gaming machine" for i shit you not, $170. i had a hunch so i read into it more and wouldn't you know it was straight up a raspberry pi with retropie installed on it pre-loaded with ROMs. for $170 bucks.

i got a nice chuckle out of that one.

i considered offering $35 and not calling the cops for hawking pirated content lol


yeah you see the same thing with people selling modded original xboxs lol

i'm getting a raspberry pi zero from my dad in a couple weeks that i'll tinker with. wish it was the 3b but it is free so w/e. as long as i can run snes games without slowdown ill be pretty stoked. even nes would be cool lol

also i got that $3 snes usb controller from aliexpress and it is okay the dpad is kind of a piece of shit. didn't work out of the box and i haven't tried troubleshooting yet lol


there was a dude selling a fucking hacked psp go for $600 arguing "there's $20,000 worth of games!!!" which is not something one should necessarily brag about on a public web space lol

which sux cuz i just saw 'modded psp go' as the title and i wanted to offer like $100ish for it but if the dumbass thinks it's value is $600 bucks there's no point lol

think of all the hard work he did downloading those .isos!


the thing is that people must be buying them since ive been seeing those posts for years

the people buy them thinking they got an amazing deal and are beating the system when in reality they are just paying someone else $100 to follow a simple guide and spend some bandwidth downloading some shit


damn i should make pi boxes for a living

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