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Raspberry Pi Thread

Started by C.Mongler, July 15, 2016, 06:29:16 AM

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Quote from: antmaster5000 on July 16, 2016, 09:43:40 PM,searchweb201602_4_10057_10056_10055_10037_10049_10059_10032_10058_10017_405_404_407_10040,searchweb201603_7&btsid=007a4980-8c8f-4f5b-ba0b-d4c8cc8674f7

you think the heatsinks are worth it? how would that even work- do i need to solder them to the board or something?

nvm i dont think they're necessary
On the Raspberry Pi 3, heatsinks help quite a bit. Its CPU runs much hotter than the ones in previous Pi models, enough that thermal throttling is definitely possible especially in enclosed cases. The Raspi heatsinks you'll find normally have adhesive on the bottom that you can simply stick on the chip. Of course that doesn't have the best thermal conductivity, but it still helps enough.

Still, unless you expect to actually max the CPU often, it's totally unnecessary and you'll probably never notice the difference. It's still worth the effort to stick them on if they are bundled free with the case you buy.


anyone make their own raspberry pi projects? i made some arduino projects a while ago, want to doodle some more


reaper do you go to hacker/makespaces


Quote from: ADX on February 07, 2017, 07:53:39 PM
reaper do you go to hacker/makespaces
no, I'm electronics tech for a power electronics company though, have experience with arguino uno w/ c which is super dope

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