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52 Games in 52 Weeks 2018!

Started by C.Mongler, January 02, 2018, 04:34:09 PM

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i am currently working through the last of botw, but its dlc sure is a grind lol


neat i beat Sushi Striker. game itself was fun but man everything else about it was a slog. also i don't know how it didn't get made into a Pokemon side-game considering it features cute sushi monsters that literally fuckin' evolve with their own unique powers lol.

still goin' on Yakuza 0. probs just gonna dick around in mario tennis aces until Octopath comes out cuz i'd like to put some focus on that game.

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Finished Witcher 2, mostly so I could play Witcher 3, but 2 was awesome

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Big Goop

Sweet. Just beat Sonic Mania Plus!


o shit i should get the dlc but I can't even beat the original mania lol

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Just added Cyberdimension Neptunia

Samus Aran

stickied this thread because i personally think its important thanks kaz youre welcome kaz



thank u kaz thank u

also i havent beaten a game in so long cry;


also boyah 2.0 killed my star ratings dangit lol


boyah refuses to allow me to use the star character glyphs boo just tried to update still weird As n shit



thyme how in the fuck i cant even copy paste that shit whats your secret dawg

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