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52 Games in 52 Weeks 2018!

Started by C.Mongler, January 02, 2018, 12:34:09 PM

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i finally fucking finished nier. WOWIE!!!! what a game

i'm also going to finish Bubsy when I get home because that game is an hour long, ew


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


i got it practically for free and its less than an hour long so fuck it lol it  counts

Samus Aran

i played through Actual Sunlight just now. a visual novel that's about an hour long. about depression and self-loathing and harsh realities with no real message or take-away, it's just a portrait of depression. can't really say i enjoyed it, but i at least respect it.

i'll update it to my list.

Samus Aran

Just finished ALLTYNEX Second. It's a vertically scrolling shmup, and is actually a remake of a FM-Towns shmup from the 90s, ALLTYNEX. Developed by the doujin circle SITER SKAIN, and chronologically the first game in the ALLTYNEX trilogy (which also contains RefleX and Kamui)

It's really, really goddamn cool. A good, tough challenge that isn't too insurmountable with practice. It has some similarities to Treasure shooter Radiant Silvergun. Like Radiant Silvergun, it has kinda blocky 2.5D graphics and several different weapon styles, including a melee sword that can eat bullets. This sword is extremely powerful and is necessary to take down large ships and boss pieces quickly so you don't get overwhelmed. Oh, that's another thing this game has in common with Radiant Silvergun: you can rip apart bosses piece by piece, and it's awesome.

This game rules. It's really short, but a lot of shmups are and I personally think that this game's length is about perfect for how hectic it is.

I highly recommend getting the whole trilogy on Steam if you like good vertical shmups at all. Especially if it's ever on sale again.

Samus Aran

finished Kirby Squeak Squad

might honestly be the worst Kirby platformer ever. not that it’s bad, it’s just…a bit monotonous, uninspired, and dull. the copy abilities it introduces are all lame, and the level design is extremely lazy for a series that typically has excellent level design. the treasure collecting is also pretty lazy, it's all just tons and tons of assorted useless shit, there's just too much of it. way sloppier than how you just collect nifty stickers or keychains in more recent titles.

i dunno. this one just feels like a really underwhelming, while still decent, Kirby experience.


So the only game I beat this year so far is Halo:CEAE

Samus Aran

thanks to the power of ~short games~ i'm up to 8 completed games now. i'm going at a pretty good rate. beat two short games today actually. twinbee yahho and alex kidd: lost stars.


Quote from: Rin Hoshizora on February 16, 2018, 04:00:27 PM
thanks to the power of ~short games~ i'm up to 8 completed games now. i'm going at a pretty good rate. beat two short games today actually. twinbee yahho and alex kidd: lost stars.

lol same

i'm at 9, or 10 if i count the frozen wilds but nyerp didn't want me to count DLC last year so :(



Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and Dragon Quest VIII
both finished today!!


shadow of the remaster COMPELTE

i am on a terrible pace this year


am i allowed to say i beat rondo of blood (remake) if i got the bad ending?

Samus Aran

i guess so yea but u should try to get the good ending too

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