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Started by C.Mongler, February 05, 2019, 06:16:49 AM

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you guys played this shit yet? it's real fun IMO probs one of the best b a t  t l e r o y a l e z yet 

i just dont get why no wall run


I saw a trailer for it on YouTube and I surprisingly thought, this looks alright.

Its fucking free, so whatever I'll give it a shot


This game actually avoids one of my big problems with BR games

The map is smaller, so that means less time with nothing happening.

I'm usually in a firefight within a couple minutes


I've only played like 5-6 matches so far so maybe YMMV, but i've yet to have a match that has lasted more than 15 minutes, and I've come in top 3 squads in about half of them. And there's not a ton of just sitting around with your dick out like there is in Fortnite PUBG; every game I'm in we're bascially always sprinting, sliding, grappling around and fuckin' shit up.

I'm kind of excited to get home and play some more lol v interested to see where this game goes


i do wish there was a solo mode just because i fucking hate playing online games with randos, but i'm sure its probably a bitch to balance with the class-based nature of the game.

maybe in due time though??


I'm loving it dude. Did a couple games with my irl friends last night and rly it came out at the perfect time since I was about to buy blackout lol


yea i almost bought blops 4 last week when newegg had that $20 sale lol im glad i didnt i love respawns shit way more than any modern cod devs


havent had much time to play but i've been watching a lot of streamers and i am siked on it lol

only complaint is that you have to do 3s. would love to have the option to do duos (fuck playing with one random) or 4s.


This is the buggiest fucking gAme and I can't get enough of it

Was out of the ring and some bug happened where I couldnt run and could only walk at a crawling pace

Thank God I was pathfinder 🙏

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


It's the best BR game by far it just has some bad bugs

The day 1 announcement/release was good for people getting siked and not noticing how buggy it is


i haven't really experienced any noticeable bugs

just some weird tickrate stuff like getting shot through walls lol


Quote from: C.Mongler on February 18, 2019, 12:27:55 AMi haven't really experienced any noticeable bugs

just some weird tickrate stuff like getting shot through walls lol
i've experienced:
random insta crashes
lag where everyone on my team seems to be moving slower
getting trapped on the supply ship if you get knocked because you stop moving with the supply ship and will just float in space
not being able to run and only slow walk

that being said i still love this game


It's alright, I'm not big on br games I think, but then again I'm not big on online games or shooters in general either
It'd be fun to try with a group of you guys though

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

figured it out

if you get a shotgun you win

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