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Your GOTY 2018?

Started by Nyerp, December 23, 2018, 09:11:35 AM

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What is the best (or your favorite) game released in 2018 you played this year?

Also, what is the best (or your favorite) game overall you played in 2018?

My favorite 2018 game is God of War (2018), but the best game I played overall is Mega Man X.


according to how long to beat, i literally haven't beaten anything released this year sillydood;

thyme, the patient gamer

but i'm playing god of war right now and yeah it's very good

my favorite game i played this year was breath of the wild


I think my favorite game that's released in 2018 would be Smash Ult, fav to play in 2018 is Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion
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Dragon Quest XI for me.

But special shout outs to God of War and Spider-Man, and also Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2.


Obra Dinn or Smash, probably. Although tbh those are maybe the only two 2018 I've played thoroghly.


Best Game from 2018 for me is probs Celeste.

Best Game I beat in 2018 is probs Yakuza 0



Let's see I played a lot of

EDF 4.1
Ring of Elysuim

Favorite is probably a tie between edf 4.1 and ow but RoE gets an honorable mention because it was actually released in 2018 and improved on pubg in just about every possible way imo


Quote from: Female Presenting Nipples on December 23, 2018, 09:32:41 AMaccording to how long to beat, i literally haven't beaten anything released this year sillydood;


and i've only beaten four games this year: brap of the wild, soma, the walking dead season 2, and ko mech

...so i guess it goes to soma goodjob;

don't let's

Skyrim very special edition


i might change my vote to RDR2, i've put in a lot of time the past week and the game has gotten immensely better shit lol

Samus Aran

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Dragon Quest XI and Dead Cells
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