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how do you get things on your tv?

Started by antmaster5000, October 11, 2017, 05:42:42 PM

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i just got a chromecast and it is updating but it seems like it'll be an elegant solution. up until this point my gf and i had either been using netflix on my wii or plugging is one of our laptops. archaic!


netflix on the ps4, and an indoor antenna for local channels


My PS4 or tinderfriend’s Xbone

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Chromecast is awesome I wouldn't use anything else tbh


whatever the active hdmi port is at the moment likely has netflix n such. usually it's either my ps4 or my xbone or my wii u

barring that, my pc is connected to my tv via 50-foot HDMI cable, so i can play my pirated movies n shit off that too

Samus Aran

i use either my ps3 or my ps4 for everything. netflix, blu rays, dvds, etc. i watch all my pirated animu on my pc.

i was thinking of picking up hulu soon, guess i'd also just use my ps3 and ps4 for that

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


consoles for netflix and hulu

pc for all other non-gaming media


my ""smart"" tv has a netflix app and Chromecast receiver preinstalled, but Sony's software is so unstable and crashy that sometimes I just use a standalone Chromecast instead

I have a tiny PC (Chromebox repurposed for Ubuntu+Kodi) that streams my anime videos over LAN

I use PS4 for Blu-Rays and DVDs.


apple tv cus we got 2 for free. 1 from a gift and 1 from direct tv deal that i canceled soon after watching what i wanted to.

i used to use a home theater pc but the hardware broke, i fixed it, then more hardware broke so i was done with that upkeep.

plus we have family share and my fiance's dad has like 700 movies that are tight so that is a plus.

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