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Noodle discussion general

Started by Khadafi, June 11, 2017, 12:01:30 PM

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let us discuss noodlers

we got some pho, udon, ramen, various chinese types, and then pasta

i ate a lot of noodles in china


how does boyah feel about rice and egg noodles


Quote from: antmaster5000 on June 11, 2017, 08:53:38 PM
how does boyah feel about rice and egg noodles
egg noodles have their place, mainly in soups imo.

rice noodles are a little more versatile lending themsleves to things like pho or hot pot or a some other fried/stir fried noodle dish like pad thai

tho i guess chaomian / chaomein can also claim that for egg nooders


I used to work at a restaurant called Noodles.

I still don't know anything about them. Making the penne Rosa was slightly amusing because it sounds like red penis in Spanish


whats your favorite noodle dish


pho is the undisputed king of noodle dishes.

although a really good ramen place opened up near my place recently and damn that stuff is good.


i've only had pho at like 2 different places but both times i thought it was really bland tbh
can someone explain the appeal


eating """Authentic™""" american japanese ramen noodlers for the first time rn

it's decent

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