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Started by AMEX, March 31, 2017, 08:11:45 PM

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virtualbox is great

good go-to whenever something needs to be done in a linux environment or w/e


It's pretty good and easy to use. Definitely the best free x86 hosted virtual machine software.

You just need an installer ISO of the OS you want. Decide how much storage and RAM you need beforehand, go through the typical OS installation steps, and just use the same way as a host computer. You don't need to even mess with drivers or anything complicated like that with any remotely modern Windows/Linux guest.

It's not particularly great at video acceleration or a lot of other advanced features though. Don't bother playing 3D games in it unless you know how to deal with PCIe passthrough.

You'll want to run it on a computer with plenty of free disk space and plenty of RAM if you want decent results.


i ended up just buying a macbook off ebay for $75. plus the charger and maybe additional ram will put me out like $110 total. definitely worth not having to deal with the hassle.

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