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people are strange

Started by Socks, December 03, 2016, 05:41:23 PM

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hey so long story short, i met this girl today at a friend's house. super cute, has a decent job, very down to earth, very kind and compassionate, relatively smart, funny witty etc... we're really hitting it off and talking about our past, and lives and what we thing of various things in the world, and she's saying how nice i am and she is impressed and the she would like to maybe go out sometime etc... and when we started talking about where her and her friends go to hand out and what they drink i started talking about how my buddies and i usually smoke weed before we go out and i asked her if she had ever partied on any drugs. totally not even thinking twice about what i'm saying because why would i be i'm not saying anything negative or bad in my mind, guys, let me tell you, this girl started to talk down to me and borderline accuse me of being an addict or drug dealer and potentially an abusive person because her friend's boyfriend got hooked on coke or meth and it ruined his life and he became abusive toward her friend.

i couldn't fucking believe it. in the span of 5 minutes this girl completely dismisses and forgets hours of conversation and opinion that she had formed and said she found impressive, after getting to know me and understand what i am about, because i casually informed her without thinking that it was something bad, that when i go out with my buddies we like to smoke weed first and then drink and sometimes we'll do a bit of coke too if we are at a club or an event for feeling good and sensory experience/perception enhancement etc... she apparently has never smoked weed and HATES HATES the smell of it and could never be around it, ok it's 2016 and it's weed i'm thinking get a grip, but i'm being as diplomatic and understating with her taking it all in thinking this is just a misunderstanding and overreaction on her part.

then she proceeds to tell me to be concerned for my health and with ZERO information about anything else other than what i mentioned, she completely and quickly changed her opinion of me from being a smart and cool and kind guy, because i demonstrated these characteristics and values/qualities to her, to being a bad and dangerous person, possibly and addict, possibly and absurder and maybe untrustworthy, though she thanked me for being honest, as if i was asking for atonement or at a confessional. no matter how i tried to explain it and describe my world view and my life and how everything fits in and who i am, she refused to budge on her new found worries and I was stumped because for one i sure as fuck did not apologize for anything, i am not her friend's ex boyfriend, and my life is in order and i know my moral philosophy and what i do and why i do it as considered and interpreted by me despite social norm and legal code.

and it fucking bothered me because if it has been her telling me this, i would not have batted a lash, and even if i did, i certainly would not have completely discarded or forgotten the impression and character that i saw from her all those hours prior. it was very upsetting and disappointing, and i am still trying to fathom how this individual can think this way, my god open you mind and consider things more broadly wtf man.


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