The strange path of medicine, or the prey of process

Started by sc2020, May 10, 2016, 05:26:08 AM

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I noticed something this morning, I was lying in my bed since i woke up too early for work and I was thinking some thoughts. It's certainly peculiar how the process of medicine goes from being a hypothesis to a product.

They, they being a scientist hired by some corporation or government corporation, create the medicine then give it to rats, then given to humans then they wait to see reactions then give it back to the rats and so on. All the while this is going on, dogs and cats are given versions of said medicines.
Thus the order is: Prey->Biggest Predator->Lesser predators->Prey  again and so on.

Being a prey of humanity is more abstract, the animals are as slaves to processes and cycles [outside of nature's own] as we are. They're damned with us!!!!!


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