so sometime ago my advisor in my former cc got me cheesecake flan kit-kats

Started by 6M69I69B9, April 05, 2016, 09:03:28 PM

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man that shit tasted awful man tasted like lemon and orange starbursts covering some wafers man that was gross

i am p shit with describing texture and shit regarding food

coating was tender, surface texture was like rubber before it melts

it is milky as hell i loved it

but the taste was tangy- unlike what the product was aiming for- but that goes for most candy flavors

i slowly got accustomed to the taste but ehh was a last resort lol

definitely had a strong resemblance to starburst flavors though- specifically lemon and orange. 

4/10 - i tried

i got it bc i got my advisor a gift for xmas and he was like "man i didnt get shiet for u, so here.  its from my boyfriend when he visited japan but i don't like it"

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cheesecake FLAN????


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