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a sign of the apocalypse

Started by Socks, March 29, 2016, 02:48:06 AM

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March 29, 2016, 02:48:06 AM Last Edit: March 29, 2016, 06:51:44 AM by Socks
i went for a joyride yesterday and everything was real peachy. i drove by some trees, some beautiful freaking trees. miles and miles of them. and they had pieces of plastic bags, and sometimes whole bags on their branches. shredded by the wind and time, slowly rotting away.

this fucking upsets me greatly.
it always fucking upsets me when i see it.
i can't smile i can't look at anything else.
those guys from the titanic start playing in my mind.

it's almost as sad as when i see modern light poles, permanently bent in a callous design for their entire existence. shining a sad light on us.

it will take such a long time for those plastic bags to dissolve, and more will be added since then. and nobody and no city department or office is doing anything about the bags on trees. i feel like living in shame in such a horror show. and i imagine what an ancient person might think, who had the pleasure of walking everywhere with only natural and organic artifacts in their field of view.

no matter how gross or ghastly or large or small, eventually all of those things would disappear back into natural elements.

our things linger and pollute, poison and change the environment long after one or two or three lifetimes.

can you imagine that, going around everywhere lush green and wood. beautiful women in this wood, but that's besides the point. not a single factory, no noise of combustion and electrical machinery. no inorganic and synthetic man made matter, no human hydrocarbon spills. the list goes on and on. and it wasn't that long ago. wild animals of every kind possible. no

whole generations are being robbed of a chance to live in a world like that. us included.

we and our future generations are being robbed of a healthy, clean and spiritually pleasing and fulfilling natural beauty and environment. and even the vast resources of the most organized and powerful world government structure the world has ever seen, we cannot change behavior or realize what irreversible damage is being done to the fundamental composition and conditions of our planet. affecting life as we know it.

from mood, to body and mind, we are corrupted by this decay and build up of entropy. it is strange, the planet sustains itself in proper order for life to thrives, consuming only the necessary energy.
and here we are, in a frenzy, with our devious machines and devices, busy sowing chaos when we think we are giving order. and spurring progress.

like throwing eggs at a wall. sure if you're the fastest to throw them all against the wall, i guess you have certainly made progress. but what have you got left?

what are some signs of the apocalypse that you have spotted?



Quote from: C.Mongler on March 29, 2016, 06:47:02 AM
Quote from: Socks on March 29, 2016, 02:48:06 AM
what are some signs of the apocalypse that you have spotted?

This is like the most boring MMA fight is about to go down.


"i'll lather my arthritis cream all over heidi's tits, lyin' ted..."



Quote from: SVT on March 29, 2016, 01:20:15 PM
lying is a sport for grass feds

is that why you posting your post at 4:20 pm?



don't let's

Is tumblr a sign of the apocalypse? Or twitter? Or social media in general?

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