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guys guys!!

Started by Socks, February 16, 2016, 01:28:51 AM

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so i went on one of those late night high historical joy rides which consists of me reading a bunch of stuff in a manic manner jumping from one new thing to another and i forgot how exactly is started other than it has something to do with ovid. in the process of learning a bunch of shit from the first sails to cynics living in tubs on the streets of the ancient world, it led me to raphael's school of athens, which is fucking spectacular by the way. i recommend seeing it. i took a long time examining and appreciating that motherfucker as close as i could, and i nearly fell of my fucking chair when i saw a figure in the painting holding a globe of the earth and it can only be the earth because there is a map on it almost exactly matching the known landmasses today, specifically eurasia/africa. i was astounded because raphael came before galileo and this painting is a fresco that sits on a large wall in a large hall within the pope's official residence at the vatican. granted my boy eratosthenes came before galieo and ptolemy before raphael but come on, it is still fucking incredible that only a few years after columbus some painter in rome was casually drawing a pretty complete version of the earth. indeed so complete that it shows, in my eyes, even antarctica! partially obscured by the hand of the figure holding the globe in the painting's lower right hand corner, purported to be non other than ptolemy himself. i looked all of this up and to my amazement there is no mention or detail or focus on this rather remarkable 1509-1511 created depiction of the earth and the geography shown there. i feel like have stumbled upon a jewel of history and knowledge and the feeling is ecstatic. i think of my two hours rekindling my love and learning of antiquity as well spent.

what do you make of this tantalizing mystery?
open image below on new tab for full view.



for sure homie, i've heard that lead wine is just something else. getting that good head in your robes and shit, just pillaging bitches. and if somebody tires and fucks with you, pull out that big ass sword and stab a nigga. jurisdiction? my own.
next episode.


globe looks a lil swanky tbh.

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