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mobile benchmarx

Started by Magyarorszag, October 05, 2015, 06:15:48 PM

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October 05, 2015, 06:15:48 PM Last Edit: October 05, 2015, 07:12:25 PM by Tectron
pardon me while i attempt to validate my recent purchase


asus zenfone 2

display: 1080p 5.5in
cpu: intel (!) atom z3560 (quad-core, 1.833ghz)
gpu: powervr g6430
ram: 4gb
os: android lollipop 5.0 (smhtbh)
msrp: $229 unlocked

antutu: 42378

epic citadel:
  • high performance: 58.8fps

  • high quality: 58.6fps

  • ultra high quality (resolution 100%): 48.1fps

geekbench 3:
  • single core: 764

  • multi core: 2435

pick any of the three (all linked), or all of them, and post you'results

idevice users: antutu, epic citadel, geekbench

if your phone has something akin to a performance mode be sure to have it enabled for best scores


I got 45357 on antutu:  iPhone 6


42463 on antutu w/ my ipod touch 6


I just got my Nexus 5X today.

Geekbench: 1244 Single / 3546 Multi-Core
Antutu: 46763

And I decided to test my other devices too:
[spoiler=Nexus 7 2013]
Geekbench: 580 Single / 1789 Multi-Core
Antutu: 27499
[spoiler=Nexus 4]
Geekbench: 502 Single / 1686 Multi-Core
Antutu: 25892
[spoiler=Moto G 2013]
Geekbench: 341 Single / 1137 Multi-Core
Antutu: 18389
[spoiler=Sony Android TV XBR49X830C]
Geekbench: 554 / 980 Multi-Core
Antutu: 23362
I had to sideload these because Google Play doesn't think they're compatible with Android TV


i was playing with my new ipad and i remembered this thread lol

so uh ipad 2017

antutu: 125070
geekbench (cpu): single-core 2547, multi-core 4409

i couldn't find the benchmark tools in epic citadel but it looked gorgeous (especially with dat pixel density) and ran smooth as butter



and that's just the a9, too


galaxy s8+, inferior north american edition:

antutu: 164128

geekbench (cpu): 1861 single, 6162 multi

STILL getting creamed by the a9 lol

and the a10 has almost double the s8's single-core score myface;

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