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what are they? why are they? Crop Circle Mega thread

Started by sc2020, May 30, 2014, 09:25:38 AM

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are they harbingers of world change

like wtf!!! this shit is crazy. wierd precise circles appearing in the food of farmers?? i want to become a farmer just so i can see one of these guys making a crop circle


maybe it is gaia...the earth...sending us a signal. maybe the same signals that the estrucans, and egyptians got before their society collasped


god emperors being killed by other god emperors directed by the House of the Gods (gaia).   


things are going really far...far away from gaia... i feel like the next 1000 years will be the most important age of humanity. are we all trapped gods...


this isnt the house of gods this is the prison...or maybe just the cell!!!


even a god can die. trees die. i dont wnat to die in prison


don't let's

Crop circles themselves are sentient beings, being the second the form of life to evolve on Earth.


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