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the smell of eggs and hair

Started by The Hand That Fisted Everyone, September 30, 2013, 11:56:52 PM

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The Hand That Fisted Everyone

Quotei saw you grabbing away with your mealy little hands at that restaurant downtown. in my mind i was wearing a shiny suit, and i wiggled around, squirming hither and thither, screaming and yelling. horrible words i shrieked.

your bits got in a bungle, and a'bungling the wiggly bits did go, i'll tell you what.

when you squirted past i caught a wafting scent of broken yolks, your hair like a horrible thing moved past and partly into my nostrils. in my nightmares still i recoil.

i wish to cook you a dinner of eggs and hair and fingernails, and together we can vibrate like old-time cell-phones. but oily. and soapy. we will jiggle with both oil and soap.

jiggle jiggle said the wiggler, for time stops when not properly oiled.

Boogus Epirus Aurelius


Samus Aran

good bump tec, let's fucking go!!!!

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