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Rules and Regulations

Started by Khadafi, December 06, 2011, 03:25:45 PM

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December 06, 2011, 03:25:45 PM Last Edit: March 19, 2016, 07:01:00 PM by Khadafi
This page contains the laws of Boyah, and some information as well. All rules and guidelines are in blue and all information is in green. If you have any questions, take it up with one of the admins. Suggestions? They go into The Official Suggestions Topic.

Report button works, please use it.

Any post that's irrelevant will be deleted or locked, unless it's in the chat thread or something. Spamming in Serious Discussion is a two day ban. This means do not making topics telling another member something that could have been sent over a PM or posted in the chat thread. If it pertains to other members as well, then you may post it.

No form of advertising is allowed at all, not even through PMs. Admins can debate this rule; no one but the admins have any say in what is advertising and what isn't. You can discuss other forums in The Lobby, as long as they aren't advertising. Nothing like "omg check out my new invisionfree! Bim! Bim! Bim!! Bim! Bim! Bim!! Bim! Bim! Bim!"

Double Posting
If done too much, this falls under spamming. Unless you can't do so for whatever reason, please put any further things you have to say in your first post. If you're bumping an older topic for whatever reason, this is acceptable.

No Personal Attacks
This is an Internet forum, and there's really no good reason to harass someone. This rule applies to harsh attacks, not silly stuff like "ur oogly" or "jew! Bim! Bim! Bim!"

Avatar/Signature Limitations
  • Signatures cannot exceed 600 pixels in width and 150 pixels in height.
  • />
  • Avatars should not exceed the height of 150 pixels as it will stretch the post far too long. As for width, you may have an avatar of up to 106 pixels in width; anything more than that will cut off your avatar, and you don't want that.
  • />
  • All together, the combined file size of a sig and avatar should not exceed 1 Megabyte.
r />
Don't make posts that just consists of a single emote. If you do, chances are they'll be deleted.

If they're particularly large, don't quote them. This does not mean you cannot quote the post they are in, but just have the sense to remove the image so it doesn't hog up space and increase loading times.

Account Sharing
Sharing of accounts and unauthorized extra accounts* is strictly forbidden. Sharing an account will result in a ban for any parties involved, at administrator's discretion.

*Extra accounts may be created by administrators to test new features or for special forum events (e.g. Non Phixion to test permissions and Boyah Awards to post threads for the Boyah awards) or as a new account with permission from an admin.

Illegal Content
Do not post links to illegal content. You know what's illegal and you know what's legal. Legal is in, illegal is out.
This brings us to the next section:

NSFW content
Under our current rules, NSFW (not safe for work) material is acceptable as long as you give some sort of warning that it's NSFW. If it's something embedded, like an image, use a spoiler tag to cover it. Don't forget to write a warning along with it, though, since people put spoiler tags on all sorts of things. If you're starting a new thread with NSFW content in it, make that clear in the thread title, and use the NSFW message icon (). Gore and other shocking images are to be treated as NSFW, and thus must be warned of in the same way. As stated earlier, no illegal material.

Post stuff in the right boards
This is self-explanatory, and repeated offenses may result in a ban.

Flash content
Posting Flash is a privilege, failure to comply by this rule will result in loss of the ability to post Flash content. Do not quote posts with Flash content.  If you quote the post, remove the Flash.  When posting Flash, include a message icon stating that your post contains Flash (, NSFW tag takes precedence for NSFW flash). If including multiple Flash files per post, put each file in a spoiler tag. No more than 2 files per post.  If the flash content is on autoplay and is not the first post of the thread, put it in a spoiler.

Message Icons
When posting a thread with NSFW content use the NSFW message icon.  When posting a thread with Flash content use the flash icon.  When posting a thread just to show off a YouTube video, include the Youtube message icon ().  If your post contains an image wider than 600 pixels, then use the picture icon ().

No one cares
No topics with just:

  • Song lyrics

  • IM or telephone conversations

  • MySpace bulletins

  • Copypasta (especially if it's stupid)

4chan memes are looked down upon, so you want to avoid that. Especially old ones.
This rule is for the sole purpose that no one cares, and by "no one" that means people that matter.

People make typos and errors.
If someone makes a grammatical/spelling error in something other than a chat thread you will be banned if you only post to point out the error and add nothing else to the thread.

YouTube Videos
Don't post topics with just a link to the video. Make sure you have a brief description about what it is, or just don't post it.

"I don't care."
If you're going to just say "I don't care" in a post... we don't give a shit. Deleted.

The Snowy Clause
Henceforth all threads created by the user "Snowy" which are deemed to be worse than the threads of the user "Hiro" shall result in the aforementioned Snowy sucking the horse's dick of his choosing or face demotion to dipshit or super dipshit as the situation dictates

"Cool emotes, can I take them for my forum or use on other forums?"
No, unless the emote in question was stolen in the first place.

Shop Etiquette
While the shop does grant several privileges that might not be otherwise available, there are some things you cannot do:

  • Do not impersonate administrators - This means: don't change your display name to match theirs (it can happen) and other things, such as signature and icon. This can screw with PMs, and is very annoying. It's a bannable offense.

  • Do not scam users - Don't give people links that buy them stuff from the shop without their consent. If for some reason you ever do this, you should at least pay them back.

Contacting Admins outside of Boyah
Unless you cannot access the site(and have checked the Status Blog or our Follow us on Twitter to see if it's down), can't login/post/PM, or suffer some other major issue, please don't contact admins about Boyah off the site without prior permission from that specific admin.  NO, we will not give you a special rank just because you ask for it. NO, we will not ban a user just because you requested it on AIM.  Follow the rules: if you want a user banned make a thread with a poll, don't bother us about it. No, we don't want to hear about that cool idea for a theme you saw. POST IT IN THE SUGGESTION THREAD.  We are people too, we don't want Boyah to occupy every damn conversation we have.
Remember, do not contact admins, without prior consent with:

  • Asking for a special rank(don't do it in general, you'll never get it)

  • Asking for someone to get banned.

  • A suggestion

  • Complaining about how retarded a member is.  We probably already know that

You may contact us if:

  • You can't access the site or use the site to contact(unless you are banned. Send a damn e-mail don't IM us.) an admin

  • You have prior permission from that admin

Internet Explorer
It sucks and if you use it you are probably YPR iCandy

Posting On Acid
If you have taken LSD any time in the past few hours, please refrain from posting. You'll just look like an idiot.

Directors (administrators):

  • JMV

  • Snorkel

Managers (moderators with additional privileges):

  • Kaz

  • ME86

  • Tectron

  • Your Posting Rival

  • Reaper

Interns (moderators with reduced privileges):

  • Steal

  • Thief888

  • Zidone

Local Moderators:

A prettier, more accurate list with registration dates, profile links and when they were last online can be found here.

Temporary bans are decided only by the admins. If you see a reason that the admins have skipped over on someone's ban, then please talk to one of the admins.

Permanent bans are decided, for the most part, by anyone who votes in a "ban this user" topic. Anyone may make a poll asking to ban someone. Post a valid reason why and links to posts for proof. If the majority agrees then it'll happen. The admins have the right to ban for any reason, against the outcome of the poll. The poll is usually in charge though.

Lüts and the Boyah Shop
"Lüts" to the currency of Boyah, and ties in with the Shop. Lüts is pronounced as "loots". Using Lüts in the shop is how you change your display name and all that other good stuff. For every post made, you receive 15 Lüts; every thread created receives 20.

The shop also has a lottery that draws every so often, tickets cost 500 Lüts and 5 can be entered. Numbers range from 1 to 7, and the jackpot increases as more tickets are entered.

Themes (Skins)
Boyah, like many forums, has several themes for you to choose from. Most noticeably, these change the colors and some images on the forum. If you're new here, you're probably using Smokes2, the default theme.
To change them, click "Profile," then "Look and Layout Preferences," and the "(change)" link next to your current theme.

Available themes:

  • SMF Default - Core (light colors, significantly different in layout from the other themes)

  • Orange (default theme)

  • Temple (a black and blue theme)

  • Blue

  • Blood Red

  • Green and Silver

  • Boyah Black (dark colors, also different in layout from all of the others)

  • Victrola

  • Boyah Technocracy (beta, unique layout)

  • Outsid (7dana)

  • Smokes2

Orange, Temple, Victrola, Smokes 2,Blue, Blood Red, and Green and Silver all follow the "SAF" layout. The forum body is centered, surrounded by a background.
Outsid is based on the 7dana theme used on the Outsider Forums, and has a different banner set. It is also the default theme for the Outsider Refugee Zone.

Chat Threads
The chat thread is the main place for posting things that don't warrant their own threads. It's usually one of the floated threads in The Lobby, and new ones are made about every 7500 posts.

IRC Room - #boyah
The official Boyah IRC chat is located at #boyah on Room operators are bluaki and JMV; Zidone is a half-operator.
No one uses it and it might not even exist anymore.

The Aracde is Boyah's arcade. A pass, which can be purchased at the shop, is required to play.  There are at least four types of passes valid for varying amounts of time.  Buying a more expensive pass offers a slight discount (e.g. 3000 Lüts for a seven day pass, but only 5000 for a fourteen day.)
  Please PM an admin or post in the Official Arcade thread or Suggestion thread for any issues/game suggestions for the arcade.

Ranking System

Color   Membergroup Name             Posts         Image        Notes
------- ------------------------     ------      -----------    -------
#FF0000  Boyah Bot                        0        - Red
#FF2100  Red Plastic Cup                  1     
#FF4200  BOW  BOW  WOW                    3     
#FF6300  Creepy Stalker                   6     
#FF8400  Crayfish                        12     
#FFA500  Boyager                         20        - Orange
#FFB700  Badass Bank Manager             28     
#FFC900  Mershaq                         40     
#FFDB00  Intenssse Mann                  57     
#FFED00  Glass Sorter                    81     
#FFFF00  def. intensse                  115        - Yellow
#CCE600  Elixir of Dreams               164     
#99CC00  Brain Gorger                   234     
#66B300  Not a Tooth                    334     
#339900  Sprankton                      477     
#008000  Master of Ceremonies           682        - Green
#006833  Coon Patrol                    975     
#004e66  CAPS LOCK                     1394     
#003499  Fortune Telling Dwarf         1993     
#001ACC  Carebear                      2849     
#0000FF  Kewn Sympathizer              4074        - Blue
#0F00E6  I'm a damn retard             5825     
#1E00CD  Dog in a Suit                 8329     
#2D00B4  Drosophila                   11910     
#3C009B  Secret Muslim                17031     
#4B0082  Disorderly Avoidant          24354        - Indigo
#862092  Christman                    34826     
#C241B8                 49801     
#D861D3  Prophet of Doodthing         71215     
#EE82EE  Balto                       101837        - Violet

#777777  Intern                      xxxxxx        - Formerly First Mate
#555555  Supervisor                  xxxxxx        - Formerly Cap'n
#333333  Manager                     xxxxxx        - Formerly Lieutenant
#111111  Director                    xxxxxx        - Formerly Admiral

#58B887  Secretary                   xxxxxx        - Formerly Cap'nella
#5C03BC  Defender of Doodthing       xxxxxx     
#583800  Dipshit                     xxxxxx     


Message Icons

[spoiler]]All Boards:
Flash (as in .swf)
Help! Bim! Bim! Bim!
----- Idea
NSFW - Not Safe for Work
Spoiler (as in telling an ending to a movie)

]Admin Only and Other Weird Icons:
Zombie Post (Posts that were deleted but came back from the dead)
Moved Thread
Posting from a phone

Serious Discussion:

]The Lobby:
Chat Thread
Dear Diary
-------- Love Life

]Video Game Discussion:
Nintendo DS
PC - Computer Games
-------- PSP
Retro Video Games
Vs. (If you want to play someone online)
Xbox 360

]The Arts Discussion:
Art (Paintings, drawings, and sculpture)
TV - Television

]Fashion, Photos, and Health:
-------- Fashion

]Tech Board:
-------- Phones
-------- Programs

These rules are subject to change at any time.


Amendment to the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it is any Boyager's birthday and they have not posted since their last birthday we must bump at least one old thread they have made on. The tradition will continue on each birthday until the boyager returns.

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