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Movies - you've seen recently?

Started by reeper, November 27, 2008, 08:46:14 PM

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Also saw Black Panther. Was kind of eh to me. Didn't live up to my own hype for it


Definitely overhyped but I still thought it was really good, top 5 Marvel flicks at the least

Also recently saw a bunch of Best Picture nominees:
The Shape of Water - really good production value, good acting etc but I didn't think the fish-man relationship was developed very much really, 4/5
Phantom Thread - incredibly pretty but man the plot was just blehhh 3/5
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - just sad shit on top of sad shit on top of infuriating shit, good acting and good story, 4/5
Call Me By Your Name - lots of degenerate shit but good lord what a pretty movie and that main kid was fantastic, 5/5
Lady Bird - really excellent coming-of-age story, really relatable, got emotional at times, 5/5
Dunkirk - very intense, glad I saw it in a theater but it was hard to follow with the pointless time-jumps, thick accents heard from a distance, and half the characters looking the same, 3/5

My pick is Call Me By Your Name for Best Picture


also saw ladybird- liked it a lot.

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u know what fucked me up about shape of water

[spoiler]how casual the mute lady and her friend were about mute lady bumping uglies with the fish dude[/spoiler]


Just finished Ichi the Killer.

Fucked up movie. I like it.

Samus Aran

movies i watched in March:

Schindler's List
Boogie Nights
Ed Wood
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Boy and the Beast
Winter's Bone
The Imitation Game
Pacific Rim
Blade Runner
A Serious Man
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Cinema Paradiso
St. Vincent
The Truman Show
The Giver
Up in the Air
On Golden Pond
The Shape of Water
The Maltese Falcon
Sunset Boulevard


Saw Isle of Dogs. Was good but I prefer live action Wes Anderson. I think the set design and emotional depth is more stimulating.


Just saw Hereditary.
Really good 
Really weird
Worth seeing I think


Saw Ant Man & the Wasp, it was nice and fun and cheered me up for a minute, 4 or 5/7


September 23, 2018, 06:52:07 PM #2214 Last Edit: September 23, 2018, 06:55:51 PM by bluaki
I skipped Jurassic World 2 in theaters, but with it on BD this week I picked that up and watched it. I liked it, but it seems the general reception is not so great. I like how the second half changed things up with the jurassic mansion.

The other movies I saw in theaters this past year or so include Deadpool 2, Mary and the Witch's Flower (an anime movie), and all the new Marvel and Pixar movies, but that's pretty much it.

Overall, I hadn't really watched movies that often in general, but this past year in particular I've been watching a decent amount. Some of the others I saw at home this past year include:

* All 56 Disney Animation Studios movies (not including DisneyToons stuff like all those bad sequels)
* All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies
* Every Pixar movie except the Cars trilogy (17/20)
* A few animated Dreamworks movies
* A few Ghibli movies. I got the entire Ghibli movie bluray set that GKIDS released recently but haven't watched enough of them yet.
* Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the movie 3rd, which finally happened after waiting like 8 years
* Most of the DC Universe animated movies series
* The Dark Knight (batman) trilogy
* The entire recent DC live-action "Extended Universe" series of apparently mostly-mediocre films
* The Lego Batman Movie, which is definitely better than those live-action movies combined
* Batman Ninja
* The Matrix (I got the new release this year that fixes some longstanding color and picture issues)
* Carol and a couple other lesbian (non-pornographic) movies because why not
* some others I forgot

basically the pattern is a ton of cartoon movies and Marvel&DC comicbook-based movies and only a little bit of other miscellaneous stuff. I've noticed that Marvel fares well in live-action and DC fares well in animation, but Marvel generally sucks at animation and DC generally sucks at live-action. At least Into the Spider-Verse looks like a promising animated Marvel movie.

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ok so i watched a few movies

Wild Combination: A Potrait of Arthur Russell

This is a great documentary about Disco lengend/Avant-Garde Cello Player Arthur Russell. Follows his life from his early years in Iowa, to joining a cult in San Fransisco, to his days in the New York experimental scene and his subsequent death from AIDS. I'm a huge fan of Arthur's work and this was a touching look at an artist who made some incredibly forward thinking music.

The Story of He-Man

a documentary about the beginning of he-man. Turns out Castle Greyskull was called that cause some dude's wife's maiden name was Grey. Outside of some cool interviews with Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella (who played He-man and Skeletor in the live action movie) it wasn't worth watching.


THE VERY FIRST ONE. it was fun. Lots of great scenes tho there were some goofy deaths (one lady goes cross-eyed after her throat was slit). Saw this at a local theater and there was a bit of a kerfuffle in the audience. one guy gets up to leave and heads to the concessions. fifteen minutes later you hear someone shout "YEAH WELL YOU'RE A FUCKING JACKASS" and the whole back of the theater laughed.


A beautiful movie, but its clumsily written. Nicolas Cage's wife gets murdered by a cult and he gets revenge. Starts off real slow (nearly tedious) but picks up after an hour (a god damn hour). It was fine, but if you like movies to be a bit more than skin deep I wouldn't recommend it.


Now this was a touching movie and very much a good palate cleanser after the gruesome Mandy. idk what to say about it but that Coco and the goofy street dog were cool.


Quote from: YPrrrr on April 11, 2018, 09:57:14 PMSaw Isle of Dogs. Was good but I prefer live action Wes Anderson. I think the set design and emotional depth is more stimulating.
loved isle of dogs. had zero complaints


Mid90s was awesome, Jonah Hill can direct apparently

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i saw the new Halloween last week and it was fun despite the constant winks to the previous Halloween

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I saw suspiria last month and it was a great movie. really intense and a slow build.

Also I saw spiderman movie with pig and it was great but they waited too long to introduce the last three spidermen.

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