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Recently purchased, played & beaten

Started by reeper, November 08, 2007, 01:43:56 AM

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I got Dragon Quest 11 S on Switch, along with the ports of the original three Dragon Quest games.

I'm making good progress on 11 S. I beat DQ1, and started DQ2 and am at the part where you finally have all your partners.

Samus Aran

got my backer copy of Indivisible today. dunno when i'll start it tho.

started Dead Space 2


Samus Aran

Finished Dead Space 2 wrench;

It's a great game but it's more action-y and less spooky than the first game. Sometimes it just throws ridiculous amounts of enemies at you. And speaking of ridiculous amounts of enemies, I kind of hate the very end part where you basically have no choice but to just run past tons of enemies so as to not stop and get killed by the invincible motherfucker chasing you. The game makes up for the shitty last chapter tho with an ending that I thought was hilarious (at least, as long as you remember how the first game ended).

Uh, not a ton else to say. It's more Dead Space. It's great. It's better than the first game in a couple ways, namely enemy variety, hiding nodes all over the place and not just in boxes on walls (making areas more fun to explore), some audio improvements, a perhaps slightly better story...but it's still mostly the same overall. Chapter 12 (I think) is especially cool because of its setting.

One thing though: I'm not sure I like that Isaac is more of an actual character in 2. On one hand, it lends itself to better writing...on the other hand, I kind of liked him being a silent,f faceless protagonist in the first game. And did they really have to make him look as generic as possible? Military-type buzzcut tough white guy?


hey uh that resident evil 2 remake is v. good

just beat leon A + claire B

Samus Aran

damn i also just finished that game the other day, only Leon A so far tho

game fuckin rules

Samus Aran

god i REALLY hope they make one like it for 3 as well

(would be incredible if it was 3 + Code Veronica but i'm not holding my breath that CV will ever get a remake)

Samus Aran

so i'm tryna finally get around to getting some snes games from my childhood that either i never actually owned myself, or were destroyed (in the case of my old mario all-stars cartridge)

starting off by getting yoshi's cookie, a game i rented a lot as a little kid, which just happens to come with yoshi's safari in this particular ebay listing. i have no particular use for safari right now as i do not own a super scope, but let's consider it an investment for the future.

also picked up a mario all stars + super mario world cartridge, to effectively replace my old mario all-stars which was unfortunately destroyed by my sisters like 16 years ago. i was initially just going to get the original mario all-stars, but figured it'd be more worth it to get the + world version just for the hell of it, despite already owning world separately

other childhood games that i'd like to actually own include rampart and roadrunner's death valley rally, two more games i rented constantly when i didn't know better. neither game is actually all that good and rampart costs more than it's worth on ebay unfortunately, but i'll get them eventually. i still dream of someday owning every game i could possibly want on snes.


Bought Luigi's Mansion 3, will start soon.


bumbling my way through re1 remake as chris. no tank controls of course

fuck dogs
fuck crimson heads
fuck hunters

oh god i'm running out of ammo

Samus Aran

dogs in RE games are the worst lol

iirc you can prevent at least some crimson heads by burning zombie bodies so they don't come back later but you don't have nearly enough lighter fluid to do it to all of them. hunters and a lot of crimson heads i just run past tbh

actually MOST enemies in the old re games i just run past if i can


yeah i've slowly learned to run past most enemies that aren't DIRECTLY in my path over the course of my playthrough lol. both to conserve precious ammo and to not create unnecessary potential crimson heads


well i beat it but it turns out i was playing on easy mode the whole time. >.< i picked the middle option fuck youuuuuuuuuuu


Samus Aran

jill is the more enjoyable playthrough anyway tbh

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