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Kill la Kill game announced

Started by Nyerp, June 16, 2018, 11:39:27 AM

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Remember Kill la Kill? It's back. In game form.

by Arc System Works

Samus Aran

its a 3d arena battle game. i guess arcsys wants to compete against the new jump game and all the naruto games and stuff

i've never really cared for that genre, it'll probably be kinda lame. but it IS arcsys, so maybe....

Big Goop

I pretty much feel the same.
3d battle arena game = meh
3d battle arena game by arcsys = ooh!
Game by recent arcsys so it'll probably have an autocombo system = ugh

Samus Aran

actually i just learned its not developed by ArcSys. they're just publishing it. this game is being developed by APLUS, who made the Little Witch Academia game that came out recently. the one that looked really good graphically but supposedly had very boring, repetitive gameplay.

so maybe APLUS has some agreement with Trigger. will we get a shitty Darling in the Franxx game next?



Commander Fuckass

tbh I thought it was gonna be an announcement for Kill La Kill characters in BBTag but whatever.][/URL]3DS Friend Code: 5086-5790-7151

Big Goop

Quote from: Commander Fuckass on June 17, 2018, 10:53:23 AM
tbh I thought it was gonna be an announcement for Kill La Kill characters in BBTag but whatever.
that probably would've been the better outcome.


i've never played a battle arena game before so i'll probably still play this just because it's kill la kill. i would absolutely not care if it was just some lame dlc character announcement, ew

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