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Favorite/Least Favorite Method of Coke?

Started by Travis, October 25, 2017, 07:13:48 PM

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You may have noticed a slightly different taste amongst cokes when administered in different receptacles. How would you rank the taste? for me it's

1.) glass bottle. obv the king
2.) fountain coke. can be hit or miss but i quite enjoy a good fountain coke
3.) plastic bottle. i know some people don't like the taste out of a plastic bottle but i enjoy it.
4.) can. can coke comes in dead last for me, i hate the taste of it out of a can for some reason.


I would keep the ranking the same as you but make a special mention of McDonald's Coke as number one. Idk what it is but they always seem to have the perfect syrup balance down.

Glass bottle for soda is generally always the winner my favorite is Orange Crush in a glass bottle


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