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Last place you went out to eat

Started by Samus Aran, August 09, 2017, 12:22:58 PM

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Samus Aran

place in downtown St. Paul called Octo Fishbar. was very good. very small portions though which means it's a bit expensive considering how much you'd need to order to get a full meal lol

i had some salmon, which is always a treat, tried some of the blowfish tails that ivy ordered (they had this interesting sauce on them similar to buffalo sauce), and then we shared a plate of crab claws

those three plates, plus three beers for ivy and a grapefruit sparkling water (it was ok) for me, came to about $65 or so iirc


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i had in and out when i was in san fran and it was ok

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Quote from: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo on January 21, 2018, 06:07:05 PM
i had in and out when i was in san fran and it was ok
ummmmmmm sweetie if you think in-n-out is just “””””””””””””””ok””””””””””” I don’t know what to say

Samus Aran

went to an irish pub last night. neat place. had a pretty good cider and really fuckin good pulled pork nachos. also a Jameson burger that was a bit disappointing but oh well, had various beer cheeses and a Jameson glaze. also got some pie there that was phenomenal, a banoffee pie. graham cracker crust, banana and toffee filling, whipped cream, chocolate shavings. it was amazing. pie was the best part of the whole visit lol


shit that sounds good
i went to a local wine bar, got swedish meatballs, smoked salmon, and a pink japanese martiti thingy


I went to a Chinese place called Sang Kee. Really good food!

I got some pan fired meat dumplings that were cooked perfectly. I got four seasons as well which tasted super good.

I had some lady sitting next to me that kept shouting “You.... You guys are the real eagles!!!” And she was completely trashed. It was kind of annoying but working in retail trained me on ignoring that stuff.
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local halal-levantine-mediterranean-former ottoman realm place

it was p. good

Samus Aran

On Friday, Ivy and I ate at The Depot Tavern in downtown Minneapolis. It's right next to 7th Street Entry and First Avenue, two of the most important (and most popular) live music venues in the Twin Cities. Ownership, staff, merch, ticket sales, etc. are interconnected between all three. Anyway, it's a neat place to eat (or sit at the bar) while waiting for a show, but on Friday nights it's also ridiculously busy and loud. Great food tho. Signature burger there is pretty great.

Not too long ago we also ate at a downtown place called Hell's Kitchen. I had a pretty tasty, spicy jalapeno burger there. The cheesecake we had was also really good.

We've also eaten at Kyoto Sushi twice in the past month or so, which is a pretty neat small chain or all-you-can-eat sushi places. Pretty solidly priced, and very delicious. Tho the udon I had was pretty subpar, all of sushi and tempura is wonderful and I discovered I really adore squid tempura.

Ivy and I are always trying new places to eat all over the Twin Cities. There's probably one or two I'm forgetting about since the last time I posted in here.


i was at a steak place with coworkers while i was visiting boston two weeks ago for work, nothing since then. i'd rather just eat at home


Coco's, a chain curry restaurant in Japan. i don't really like japanese curry but it's what my husbando wanted to eat.

i just had a couple chicken nuggies and fries

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