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Started by Socks, August 06, 2016, 03:59:52 AM

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yo neegeez i have been using this computer from work for a couple of weeks now and it is a HP 840 G3.
worked fine and stuff and i knew nothing about it but now i have way more shit at work that i work on.
the laptop can handle everything but it is slow and freezes up. i have 3 screens and multiple connections.
usually i have about 9 different programs running, 2-3 browsers, 2 connection interfaces and ~30+ tabs.
i did some searching and it turn out my computer only has one stick of 4GB RAM and a shitty 120GB HD.
the drive is a kingston POS at a maximum ideal condition transfer speed of 450mb/s at low RPM i think.

the good news is that my specific laptop (HP 840 G3) can be heavily upgraded with relativity ease & $$.
bad news is i already ordered a bunch of shit for like 500 bucks without asking any IT people for advice.

so i have a second DDR stick slot and ordered Crucial 16GB DDR4-2133 which i'll add to the 4GM DDR4.
this will bring my new total to 20GB and that should be sufficient for now, until i can buy another 16GB.
next i ordered something called a m.2 SSD card, SanDisk 128GB SATA III, to fill an empty slot for one.
i have no idea what this does for performance but i bought it anyway. extra SSD storage at a minimum.
maybe it will increase speed as well, but i have zero idea what sequential or random read times mean.
next i ordered a new SSHD, not a SSD, but a decent 500GB Seagate Constellation 2 drive, decent specs.
it has 7200rpm, 64mb cache (no idea what this is), 6gbs SATA (no idea here too), but it was only $100!

best of all i found out my computer can have a special wireless card that can use cell mobile networks!
so i got a hs3110 hspa+ mobile broadband module, but could not find another maker other than huawei.
very disappointed and would have payed more money rather than give the chicoms access to my network.
now i just have to call at&t and figure out how to set up/get a plan so this shit will work on my computer.
i see you gotta install some drivers first and then it gets confusing. laptop has a fucking slot for a SIM card!
does at&t give me a simcard to stick in there and use or does it automatically. not sure on this point.

if anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated. let me know what you think of the addons.
the only thing i can't seem to change is the core processor, currently a i56200 2.3ghz, preferably an i7.
let me know if it is possible to change the CPU, even if i have to ship my laptop somewhere, if you know.


wtfm i bought all this stuff for my business laptop and now i am starting to realize i don't even have admin rights on it. i spent the whole day researching for ways around copying/backing up and switching the hard drives with no admin rights but nothing worked. i could not even download any cloning/transfer software because it does not allow me too and the same goes with drivers.

so at this point i was pretty pissed off and disappointed, especially since i spent all of this money and might not even be able to use the parts. thankfully noting is required for switching out the RAM cards, and installing the M2 SSD drive, although i suppose it has to recognize and interface with the M2 drive so some drivers and updates will be necessary there. and the WAN/mobile network chip is definitely going to require drivers and also once i register that with at&t, since it is compatible with them, and they give me the sim card to put in for cellular service, i need to download this program called 'at&t communication manager' in order to interface with and log into any wireless networks in the are from my computer.

my dilemma is simple. so i was fucked. either call the IT support desk on monday, have them choke on muffins at the idea of me taking the computer apart and adding my own custom after market upgrades, with the necessity to bypass admin logins in order to properly install them. yeah, no. they're going to deny me and then i will be under the admin forensic microscope and they will prioritize my log to see what i'm up to.

i always go for the more risky route. but i was going to try and bypass the admin rights somehow as innocently as it could be made to look like. i stumbled upon some recommendations about checking out the BIOS screen on start up. so i did, ast thing of the day. at first no mater what combination of keys i held and in what sequence they were pressed, either the startup would get diverted to the safemode screen of options, which is still useful because i can disable driver protections from here, but not much else.

then by chance i decided to give it one more try because it was freezing up on me too on startup with me trying to get to BIOS, you know with the high pitched beep for every key pressed when that happens. so i restarted it one more time and hit a miraculous combination of F10 boot and guess what fucking happened!? some glitches at first and then it is as if i broke through to a fucking portal and i was in this white menu master screen, where it had a tab for admin log in option, boot sequence options, all of the fucking panel was there, and some tab titled UEFI at the far right.

i was in shock that i had actually broken through and i did not know how. i saw that i could access every part of the disk and network from there, and choose the BIOS source and sequence, give myself admin rights or change the admin login info altogether. install drivers and software etc... BUT the worry i have is that when i broke through to this menu, i was connected to the internet, and it seemed like a remote access experience. it was like i was viewing someone eases screen and could command their pointer and click shit/access it. it seemed like that because the resolution and features of the display for this menu were not those of my settings.

and it took some effort to move the mouse at times i thought it was moving against me, lol, another shock, but it definitely looked like that. if i can break in again unnoticed for a minute or so, that's enough time to give myself admin rights and disable some limited controls and touch nothing else, it could be fine. because i saw this other screen and there is a whole list of categories of users with different reasons and levels of access into their system. so i could blend in with them as legit.

but if i do this and they discover it and i try to justify it after the fact, depending on how serious it is made, i could get fired. i did sign an agreement about the work property and material, especially the laptop. bottom line is we're not supposed to use it for non work purposes or fuck with it.

what should i do?


i suggest you learn the password to all my computer secrets.


can u tldr ur comptuer problem


basically they had to get me a new computer because i deleted my profile and logged myself out of the network. also i corrupted my machine. which i should not have done or have been able to do. i played dumb this time but now i can't fuck around with it anymore.

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