How many mapping "apps" do you have on your phone currently

Started by David, October 28, 2015, 07:13:00 PM

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three including yelp, but i put apple maps in a "Useless" app group

don't let's


Quote from: Thyme on October 28, 2015, 07:30:33 PM
three including yelp, but i put apple maps in a "Useless" app group
tbh I like that Apple maps uses the appropriate shield design for each numbered highway


* Google Maps
* Google Earth
* Google Sky Map

That's it: 3. Or two if you only count things that actually map out the earth's ground. GMaps is the only one of these I've actually ever really used.


Just Google maps and this app called Road Warrior that I used when I was a bike courier. Was useful since I could put multiple stops with notes on it at once.
Been looking into Here, though. Google maps is okay in thailand I'd like to be able to download the offline version of Bangkok but gmaps doesn't support it ;-;


Will Apple ever apologise for making Rapid City, South Dakota, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Tulsa, Oklahoma 3D before the likes of Chicago in its mapping software?


only google maps

though i've been meaning to try nokia's here maps for offline navigation



isn't google earth obsolete at this point, I uninstalled it a while ago because it offered no benefits and was slow as shit, but yeah just maps, might download one for the bus soon though



A few, probably more if I really thought about what counts as a 'mapping' app.

1. Apple Maps, only because I can't delete it
2. Google Maps, my preferred maping solution
3. Waze; I thought it was cool the first couple times I used it but it's not any faster than Google Maps in my experience, and has way too many annoying social things tied into it that drain my battery like a mother fucker. I occasionally use it to check what the fuck is going on when I get trapped in gridlock traffic though
4.MapMyRun, for, ya know, mapping my run.

There's a few others that I guess are technically mapping apps, but it's not their primary function per se, suhc as Yelp, Uber, GasBuddy, BestParking and shit like that


i figured out how to finally enable location herstory lmao

smh it'll be a lot of this for the time being

don't let's

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