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Windows 10

Started by Hiro, July 30, 2015, 10:24:03 PM

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i am so far extremely impressed with windows 10's memory management efficiency O_0

i did some basic preliminary tests with known ram whore chrime and the results were impressive, i had over 100 tabs of varying resource intensiveness running simultaneously and my ram usage never exceeded 57% (of a total 8gb)

with windows 7 i would have been between 80-98% before the 100 tab mark and my pc would have started relying on virtual memory and everything would slow to a near unusable crawl until some ram was freed

a mere 8gb of ram is now closer to sufficient for me again happydood;

maybe i just need to clean install my os more often, lol

i was worried at fist too because windows 10's base idle memory usage seems slightly higher than 7's, but my concerns have been partly alleviated for now

Quote from: … on July 31, 2015, 01:12:12 AM
Quote from: ʜɨɍɵ҈҈ on July 30, 2015, 10:24:03 PMand it seems to freeze up and stutter a lot more than 8 ever did,
yes! I just installed it and I think Windows explorer keeps freezing up on me. And my taskbar is a lot of times unusable.

i also experienced a high degree of stuttering and freezing in the immediate aftermath of the initial installs (both the straight upgrade and the clean install), which worried me, but it seems to have cleared up substantially after a few hours of use, for now it feels pretty swift and stable


as for my hardware/driver progress, most everything seems to be up and running properly........ except for my fingerprint scanner saddood;

i can't seem to find any drivers that'd get it working on windows 10, so i guess it'll remain dead for now :'(

speaking of hardware, i can't make proper use of cortana because my in-built mic spontaneously died on me some time ago

i did test her out using an external mic, and while she's neat, it's not worth the inconvenience of having to have an external mic plugged in at all times

ah well, she's nadella's personal data miner anyway sourgrapesdood;

pretty much just one last thing to test............. once steam finishes with those downloads in a few days at least

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Quote from: Tectron on August 02, 2015, 10:03:45 PM
i truly despise the arbitrary name change from "programs" to """apps""" and the inclusion of the intrusive and wholly unnecessary """app store"""

the word """app""" was popularized by apple and denotes a subcategory of programs designed to provide basic quasi-desktop functionality to early low-power 'smart' mobile devices which at one point would have been incapable of running the more taxing programs typically found on pcs

i don't want mobile pollution on a desktop os, why change nomenclature that was previously perfectly fine

i swear to dog, windows is no better than android sometimes, with its shameless and tearful wails of 'we are absolutely desperate for the apple market (but don't quite understand what makes apple so popular) !!'


(man, imagine how i would have felt about windows 8)[/spoiler]

^^ agreed


apple should have trademarked the word """app""" so that its brainless followers google and especially microsoft would be incapable of needlessly abusing it


Quote from: Tectron on August 03, 2015, 07:50:39 PM
apple should have trademarked the word """app""" so that its brainless followers google and especially microsoft would be incapable of needlessly abusing it
or it would have gone the way of band aids  as it has


why is only 1 ssid showing now rofl.

I know for a fact that there should be a minimum of 2 given that my router splits into a 5Ghz and a 2.4Ghz ssid


updated my graphics drivers and everything seems so be good now aside from my fucking steam icon


so not only do both fallout 3 and skyrim miraculously work

i actually got a significant performance boost of about 10-15 fps on average in skyrim lol sillydood;

i had never once seen skyrim's frame rate get any higher than 32ish when staring into a wall on a good day with windows 7, but yesterday i was outdoors staring into the distance at volkihar balcony and it never dipped below 40 lol, sometimes it was even as high as 60 (both indoors and out)

with fallout it's harder to quantify any gains (if indeed there were any) because it pretty much always ran at about 50-60fps in windows 7, and its performance now seems at least equivalent
perhaps that 60fps is a bit more consistent with 10 but i'd have to play more to get a real feel for what if anything has changed

between this and the aforementioned greatly improved ram efficiency: windows 10/10, would upgrade again


well ignoring those virtually inescapable privacy issues and the needless appification of everything, smtbh

i think it was benjamin franklin himself who said that those who trade liberty for performance gains in skyrim and an improved loodthing consumption experience deserve neither, and he was right[/spoiler]

now for the hardest part: getting my ps3 controller running in a post-motioninjoy world smth;

don't let's


i actually would love to have an xbollox one controller to use, but the ps3 controller saves me $50 :'(

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the wired xbox 360 for windows controller is $40 hocuspocus;


finally got it working, jesus christ

my only remaining problem is my now nonfunctional fingerprint scanner

i thought win10 included native support for biometric devices but apparently not this one :'(

oh well, i can live without it, for windows 10 it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make


don't let's


Quote from: Tectron on August 09, 2015, 01:18:54 AM

i mean wth

anyway, i did finally manage to get my fingerprint scanner up and running nyandood;

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