aside from work + fam, top 5(+) things u guys follow up on for new news/upd8s

Started by 6M69I69B9, February 10, 2023, 01:47:25 PM

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idk if this'll be in order but w/e just gonna go from the top of my head

- gaming, mostly smash (all iterations) and like 6 other games i like
actually about this, it's so lame sometimes, bc most ppl into smash that follow me and i follow are mostly like 17-25 and i see the lamest drama ever, lmao smash drama is actually funny as hell to follow. most are non issues. hell some are just regional qualms. if anything, the worst of what comes out of it is when it's revolving around smash's #metoo era

- with twitch, i check up on streaming folks, which just gets involved with smash a ton lol

unfortunately i check twatter everyday, i get a lot of shit i really am not interested in, but i do love the following topics:
- public transit talk (lmao i see strongbad liking this stuff, and a good acquaintance of mine is into it, too)
- digital art sphere (seeing some folks i know getting good is bomb, and seeing inspo is kool too)
- traditional art sphere (i love seeing this more tbh)
- local happenings around chicago and chicagoland
- politics. it's REALLY heavy with politics, mostly identity politics and the usual left and right discourse (my sphere is usually more on the left though)
- mental health posts/self improvement stuff sometimes come up and it's interesting
- since i rly dont have a gay network of friends, i go out of my way to look at the gay sphere. usually it's a lot of flamerposting. and then you see the divide of white upperclass gay men (mostly muscle and country bears) vs gay minorities their call out on privilege. lmao this shit sounds way more lame than i thought it'd sound. idk it's all interesting to me. but ill admit that the muscle bear, or general bear whitey folks are concerning, since they usually just meet up with men they look like than anybody else. it's so weird. they really live in their own world, it's seems crazy from just an online perspective.
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i really wish i could be bothered to watch more livestreams tbh.  even creators that i actually really like and find interesting i find it difficult for me to set aside time to actually watch them do something live. most 10+ youtube videos take me at least an hour to watch or something because something will come up or i just don't want to sit there and do nothing for too long

and that's just how twitter is for everyone (normal) i think at least tbh. i like to read it so i can have a vague idea of what is happening in the world and what the most crazy people are saying lol. also twitter gays are just an even more insufferable version of the politics twatters


I kinda live under a rock. ill sometimes read linux updates or if there is nee made in abyss stuff but thats about it

Also i try reading up on art and i read into animation but its more of history or techniques. i do like seeing new art online but i only look it up infrequently because most artists i like use twitter


Mostly just gaming and sports for updates on things.

I also like watching videos on history but that's old news so not really updates lol

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