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52 GAMES IN 52 WEEKS 2021

Started by Samus Aran, January 01, 2021, 12:06:00 AM

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Samus Aran

January 01, 2021, 12:06:00 AM Last Edit: June 02, 2021, 12:29:56 AM by Samus Aran



1. Streets of Rage 4 - 1/1 - 3 hrs
Well, it's Streets of Rage. It's a fun, classic-styled beat-em-up without any real frills. Played through this co-op with a friend. It's a solid entry to the series. It's definitely not anywhere near as cool of a modern beat-em-up as River City Girls was, but still, can't really complain too much.

2. Fire Emblem: Awakening - 1/15 - 84 hrs
This is the second Fire Emblem game I've finished. I fuckin loved it tbh. I've heard plenty of differing opinions on this entry from FE fans, nobody seems to really agree on it. But I thought it was fantastic. I really love that the support system in this one is so integral in both combat and in recruiting new units. And speaking of new units, the child units in this game are so cool. Love the stat/skill inheritance system. The story in this game is pretty subpar, as is a lot of the writing in general, but I was so invested in the core gameplay and mechanics that this never really bothered me much. Tactical JRPGs - the most based RPGs?

3. Bust-A-Move - 1/15 - 3.5 hrs
I've had this forever but never really actually felt like playing it the whole way through until now. 100 levels of consistent fun. I am not very good at puzzle games, but Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble is kind of its own beast that doesn't feel like other games in the genre and idk I just dig it quite a bit. This is the SNES port of the original game, btw. Which is a solid enough port.

4. Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished ~ Omen - 2/10 - 7 hrs
This game is pretty sick. It's a top-down action RPG, sort of a Zelda-like, but with a leveling system. However, it's a short game and very anti-grinding - you don't need to worry much about leveling. Interesting world and story, though said story is only part of a larger story and thus I can mostly forgive it for not answering most questions. The "push" battle mechanic is pretty lame, not gonna lie, would prefer to just swing my sword, but I give it slight props for uniqueness. The music is insanely good, like stupidly good. And the arrangements in this particular version (Chronicles+, it's on Steam) are incredible too. Cool series, will have to play more.

5. missed messages. - 2/10 - 20 mins
Short visual novel that I thought I would hate because of the art style but in the end I actually found that style to be pretty endearing, and I appreciated being able to play a game that talks seriously about issues of depression and suicide, with writing that felt decently genuine. Not bad.

6. Touhou Luna Nights 2/16 - 7.5 hrs
Technically I "beat" this in about 4 hours, but it was another few hours before I finished the extra level and got the "true" ending. Both an excellent Touhou fangame and a solid (if short) metroidvania game. You won't get as much out of this without knowledge of Touhou (especially EoSD), but even still it manages to be more than just a fangame. Had a great time with this one.

7. Shadowgate: MacVenture Series - 2/16 - 2.5 hrs
Not a ton to say here. Classic point-and-click adventure game. A ton of trial-and-error involved. But I had fun!

8. King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - 2/23 - 20 mins
Specifically, I played through the "team match," which is basically arcade mode but in team (3v3) mode. This is my favorite of the classic King of Fighters games.

9. Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View - 2/25 - 50 mins
This is unfortunately probably the worst mainline game in the series, at least as far as the Windows games are concerned. It's a two-player competitive danmaku game, so it inherently plays different from the rest. You basically try to both dodge things and also use your spell cards on your enemy, who is doing the same on their side of the screen. But the whole experience is really watered down, Touhou has always been about meeting interesting new boss characters and incredible music and presentation, not to mention difficulty. This kind of has none of those. Interesting take on the formula, but not a very good one.

10. Worms Armageddon - 2/26 - 16 hrs
Look, this game is really cool. With your friends. On your own, Worms games are kind of lame. The single player "campaign" for this consists of missions that range from challenging to nearly fucking impossible. Holy shit. Never before have I had to use an outside application to force controller support onto a keyboard game just to beat one specific level. What the fuck. The missions can be pretty fun but there are a pretty sizable amount of really frustrating ones. Still, not like I can call the game bad. But you should really stick to multiplayer with this.

11. Metal Slug - 3/10 - 1 hr
The first in a long list of kickass run and gun games with incredible visual flair. This one isn't as good as X ofc (which I've played in an arcade a few times), but it's still very solid and very fun. And rather difficult, but all of them are. Btw this is on a PS2 collection I snagged - I'll probably play through all of them throughout the year.

12. Friday Night Funkin' - 3/16 - 30 mins
This is one of the worst rhythm games I've ever played. Some of the music is honestly pretty awesome, but that's where the positives end. It's ugly, has wack charting, and just plays like ass in general. Actually, one more positive - it's extremely easy to mod, and there's a ton of mods out there already that are really cool/funny.

13. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu - 4/14 - 31 hrs
It's Pokemon. But it's not. It's some middle ground between a traditional game and Pokemon Go. Thank god they chose to remake Yellow in this bizarre new format instead of try a whole new region/story, because the familiarity and nostalgia goes a long way in making this less of a bore. It's not bad, per se, but catching Pokemon in the Pokemon GO style is just really...lame. And there is a TON of standard functionality missing. No abilities, no held items, tons of missing moves, level up movesets for every Pokemon are smaller. Wack. But I still had fun. Has some interesting post-game stuff too. I liked being able to battle Green.

14. Touhou Spell Bubble - 4/20 - 10 hrs
This is a really fun Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move game that is a collaboration with Touhou Project. However, it's a lot more than just Puzzle Bobble with a Touhou skin. It's a very fast-paced version of Puzzle Bobble with a rhythm game element, where plays that pop a large amount of bubbles at once will start a combo that requires you to hit a button in rhythm with the background music - and you want to nail these, because you and your opponent are both frantically trying to send "junk" bubbles to each other to knock each other out. A knockout isn't an immediate win, but it is worth a ton of points, thus the key to winning is to basically knock your opponent's board out more times than they can do to you. Characters have special abilities too that add to it. I was honestly really surprised just how good this game is, but of course a lot of your mileage will vary depending on how big of a Touhou fan you are, and if  you know the music used - most of which is comprised of popular Touhou remixes, including some absolute classics like Bad Apple!!, Night of Nights, and Cirno's Perfect Math Class. Recommended if you're a fan of Touhou, even more if you also like Puzzle Bobble.

15. Wolf Tails - 5/8 - 2 hrs
Anime titty visual novel game. But it's a surprisingly good titty game, although that doesn't mean a lot considering the bar is so low. I mean this isn't a very good visual novel or anything but I was surprised that the art is so good and that it features effectively four different playthroughs in one tiny game. The ability to choose for your character to be male or female, and for the story and sex scenes (and included art) to actually reflect that choice is quite nifty. Pleasantly surprised. But it's still just a porn game, so you know.

16. MUSYNX - 5/13 - 5 hrs
I wanted to like this because I kind of wanted to buy that limited Switch physical release for it. But honestly this isn't very good at all. One of the most poorly designed rhythm games I've ever played. The presentation, the songs included...it's all very lackluster. It also, by default, includes this really, really bad feature where notes ONLY play if you play them right, and they only play at the exact MOMENT you press the button, meaning everything will sound like fucking trash because you're not realistically going to play everything perfectly. Which will cause you to mess up even more because it's disorienting. Thank god you can turn that off. It's boring enough to be forced to play Canon in D, and then you're going to make it sound awful too? No thank you lmao. Poor game that feels like a knockoff of traditional PC 4-key/6-key rhythm games. At least it included a song from Muse Dash, a much better rhythm game also by a Chinese developer.

17. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 - 5/26 - 10 hrs
This game is great. I don't really consider myself much of a Tetris fan, I've always found it a bit dull, but I got this because I like Puyo a lot and it just looked really neat. And it is really neat! I never played the first one, so the way the game so flawlessly pits Puyo and Tetris against each other was really surprising to me. And there's so many modes of play, too! Swap mode is fun, Big Bang mode is REALLY fun, and Fusion mode is...awful! Horrendous! Thankfully you only have to play it a couple times lmao, the rest of the game more than makes up for that though. The story is understandably pretty stupid, but this is a puzzle game - you can only do so much, and it does what it does really well. This almost makes me wish I was much better at either Puyo or Tetris so I could play against people online and actually do well at all, but alas I am definitely a casual when it comes to these games. I will say though that the story mode's "auto difficulty," which you can turn on or off, is pretty busted. If you so much as score three-chain combos even somewhat consistently in Puyo (which is child's play, frankly), the game will suddenly think you're an expert and the next battle's AI will be an unbeatable god. Oh well, that difficultly mode is definitely designed either for people who are really bad (so the AI will go easy on them) or really good (so the AI will be appropriately brutal), and not for people who fall somewhere in between like I do.

18. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy - 5/28 - 7 hrs
This was...an experience. What started as frustration became a gradual understanding of the intricacies of the game's physics. Basically, in the beginning, I liked it. Once I was past the beginning and facing my first major hurdle, I hated it. Over and over I fell, not even knowing how to progress. And once I finally figured that out, I liked it again. And once I got even further (basically once I was climbing the chapel), I suddenly realized that like...wait, I kinda love this game. I think your enjoyment of this game will vary greatly based on how much you can appreciate the b-game developer mentality that Foddy was going for here, and how much you can appreciate his insight on how he likes to make games, how he views games in an artistic context, how he revels in the masochistic tendencies of players that love seemingly insurmountable challenges, etc. I think that without his voiceovers, the game would be a lot less meaningful. So it's crazy to me that so many people find him to be annoying lol. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would, and I really only even played it just to say I've beaten it. Came away with a lot of appreciation for it.

19. Mega Man 5 - 5/28 - 2.5 hrs
I'll admit it. For the longest time, I considered myself to have beaten MM5 and 6. I couldn't really remember much of anything about them, but I was pretty sure I'd played through them at some point. Now I can say for certain that, no, I don't think I ever actually finished these games before now. Just played them a bit. Anyway, 5 is a pretty fucking weak Mega Man game, and I don't just mean that because it's extremely easy (for a Mega Man game). It's also just quite dull and uninspired. It did introduce Beat (I think, unless he appeared in a Game Boy one first), but other than that this is easily the most forgettable in the OG series. Still good though! It's MM after all.

20. Mega Man 6 - 6/1 - 3 hrs
So 6 is definitely better than 5, but still worse than 1 and 4 by a bit, and a far cry from the quality of 2 and 3. The Rush Jet and Power modes are actually quite cool in this one, although Jet's physics are rather finicky if you ask me. The game is mostly pretty easy, like 5, but not quite as easy - extra lives seem to drop less often, there aren't quite as many E-tanks lying around, and a couple robot masters are decently difficult. The real clincher though is that this game's first Wily stage (not Mr. X, the second castle) is really fucking frustrating. Because it's almost entirely rooms where you drop and then have to avoid spikes as you fall, and they're really fuckin cheap rooms - I think mostly because Capcom expects you to use Jet to help in these situations. Well fuck you. There are two rooms where you are actually required to use Jet to maneuver past spikes and I hate them. But that stage is really the only really hard part of the game. Anyway, the improved level design and the two Rush modes definitely put this one over 5, as well as an insanely good song in the Mr. X stage theme. I don't really think the Robot Masters in this one are very interesting, but they weren't in 5 either. Pretty damn good game overall tho, just a bit weak for the series.


Super Mario 64 - many times due to speedruns
Pokemon Fire Red - nuzlocke run that took 73 hours in-game time, but I made heavy use of the fast-forward function on my emulator


January 01, 2021, 09:30:58 AM #1 Last Edit: June 10, 2021, 08:17:43 PM by Nyerp

1. CYBERPUNK 2077 ON PS4 v.1.06 - 66:42 - 4/10 - 1/16/21
Blunder of the century, at least on last-gen consoles. All that waiting for a buggy looter shooter with somewhat decent writing, lol. Fails to match the dynamic and emergent open world of GTA games, fails to match the in-depth RPG systems and choices of Fallout, fails to match the combat of basically any other FPS, and fails to match the graphical consistency of Witcher 3, a 2015 game by the same developers on the same console. CD Projekt Red just became the new Bethesda in the worst way possible. Even when all the glitches and horrid loading problems and crashes are all fixed, this will still only be around a 6/10 in my eyes. The missed potential is palpable.

2. CRASH BANDICOOT 4: IT'S ABOUT TIME! - 23:08:53 - 6/10 - 1/20/21
This is sadly a series revitalization that deeply misunderstands the strengths of its predecessors, akin to Mega Man 9. And like Mega Man 9, I assume this series will burn out again pretty quickly after the release of Crash 4 and be lost to time yet again. No, the original Crash games were not fun because you had to get all 300 crates in every level, 20 of which are hidden behind walls offscreen or are easily missable in rail sequences, and then master the speedruns of every level, and then not die in every level, and then not die in every level WHILE getting every crate, and then do all of that AGAIN in inverted versions of every level. This is how you kill a franchise, not revive it. I only started to have fun in the last couple of worlds where I gave up my delusions of even completing even 80% of everything in this game and just played the levels like a normal goddamn platformer. Sad!

3. BLASTER MASTER ZERO - 10:07:26 - 7/10 - 1/26/21
Somehow the best game I've played so far this year. Retro throwback pixel game by Inti Creates. Never really played a Blaster Master before besides some vague memories of a PS1 entry in the series. This was pretty fun! The mix of overworld sidescrolling tank gameplay mixed with top-down on-foot monster blasting in mini-dungeons is neat. There's a REAL reward for getting 100% items in this (whole new area and new ending) and most games don't do that, so that's cool to see. But I do have some gripes with how tedious the backtracking can be since there's no fast travel if you get to the end without all items. Also getting out of your tank thing in the overworld feels so sluggish and awful, especially since falling 5 feet will instakill you wtf???? Anyway I'm definitely playing the sequel despite all that.

4. RESIDENT EVIL 3 (REMAKE) - 7:20:47 - 6/10 - 2/1/21
Damn, I need to stop playing so many disappointing games in a row lol. RE3R is a MASSIVE step down from RE2R and it's such a shame. Like it's perfectly fine as a dumb zombie action game but it suffers so hard in most comparisons to the previous year's entry. Nemesis is a joke compared to how Mr. X hounds you in 2 and is relegated to short chase sequences and boss fights outside of the beginning city section. The game in general is much more scripted, linear and short. Deaths feel a lot more like cheap shots than genuine player failures (Hunters (beta AND gamma) being designed around one-shotting you). No second playthrough with a different character's perspective to add genuine replay value. No compelling bonus modes besides the trash failed RE:Resistance that I'm never touching. No Mercenaries, even though I'm pretty sure RE3 is where that started appearing wtf??? Again there's nothing BAD about this game but it still feels very half-assed and phoned-in, probably so whoever Capcom outsourced this to could pump it out in time for a yearly schedule. I fear for the RE4 remake.

5. BLASPHEMOUS - 21:21 - 7/10 - 2/10/21
Grimdark 2D pixel Soulsvania with a Catholicism-inspired (I think?) fantasy twist. I say 'Soulsvania' because it's a Metroidvania with Souls influence brazenly written all over it. Bloodstain mechanics, rechargeable health flasks, vague lore, depressing tone, dark fantasy setting, the works. Game's biggest strengths, though, are its intricate sprites and animations.....which shouldn't be your game's biggest strength. The combat is just kind of...there. The bloodstain mechanic makes a mistake that Souls games tend to avoid, in that you can get your "Guilt" stuck in a location like a cloud of deathgas or a pit of spikes that will force you to spend "Tears" to retrieve it. The lore is so vague that you won't feel connected to anything that's happening and you'll probably have to look up how to get the """good""" ending due to the unneeded air of murkiness around the game's story and secrets. This game mostly just kind of reminded me of how tired I am of Metroidvania AND Soulslike tropes when so little is done to make them feel fresh. So, decent game, but happens to fall a little flat for someone who has played a LOT of the games it's taking inspiration from.

6. HALO 3 - less than 10 hours - 7/10 - 2/14/21
Glad to see the story (mostly) play out after that nasty cliffhanger at the end Halo 2, but this was easily the weakest campaign of these first 3 Halos. Starts off with an abrupt momentum reset and just kind of awkwardly stumbles through terrible vehicle sections for the first few missions. Thankfully they make up for it later on but the beginning was ROUGH for me. Also why can't you play as Arbiter in this one? I liked that in 2. :/ Brutes do not feel nearly as dangerous in this game, I guess because you never fight Elites in this one so they had to make Brutes functionally replace them without becoming overwhelming. Regardless, it was fun to end the Flood threat here so I probably won't play too many of the spinoffs/sequels.

7. DRAGON QUEST VII: FRAGMENTS OF THE FORGOTTEN PAST (2016) - 85:50 - 6/10 - 2/26/21
Welp, I just wanted to play a Dragon Quest game but it seems like I picked one of the worst ones to start with LMAO. The game's episodic island-by-island structure was unique and enticing at the beginning of the game, but there is such a thing as having too many 'episodes' with too little story. Plus the game is just waaaay too fucking long for no real reason, as you'll be backtracking through previously explored areas for at least 60% of the game. I think this is the epitome of one of the biggest problems with JRPGs in general: strong content for a 30-hour game stretched and padded beyond belief to hit an arbitrary 70+ hour mark. I pretty much just finished it so I could say that I did. A few good story moments here and there, a surprisingly bittersweet ending, wacky and expressive enemies, tons of jobs and skills to learn...but it's all a little quantity over quality. Here's hoping my next DQ experience will be better!

8. CRASH TWINSANITY - 6:35 - 7/10 - 3/1/21
A mediocre, strikingly unfinished game with a ton of heart. The wacky a capella soundtrack is great, having Neo Cortex as your reluctant partner is great, the slapstick comedy is great. The game toys with multiple gameplay styles that are all at least decent (until the final level where it's clear they ran out of time and have to start rehashing ideas). But the version I played of the game (original XB disc on XB360) was nigh unplayable for certain sections due to extreme slowdown and had mild flow-destroying slowdown through the entirety of the game. Also, a quick look into the unlockable concept art shows that the final game is really half of what it could have been, sadly. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this quirky semi-experimental platformer quite a bit and YES I'm giving it a higher score than Crash 4, this is the REAL Crash 4 fuck you!!!!!

9. BUBBLE BOBBLE 4 FRIENDS - This game is 1 hour long. - 4/10 - 3/8/21
This game is 1 hour long. I blinked and it was over. There's nothing else to say.

10. BUG FABLES: THE EVERLASTING SAPLING - 36:06:12 - 8/10 - 3/30/21
Surprisingly good indie Paper Mario-inspired RPG. Graphics are kind of simple and rough but you get used to it fast. Combat takes the PM64/TTYD system and changes it to be more party-based with different advantages to how you position your characters. The badge system is here as well, which gives tons of potential depth and strategies to the fights. They even bring in an expansive cooking system with 70 recipes, multiple challenge battle gauntlets, optional boss fights, sidequests, enemy data collecting, and more. Characters are likeable and the story is okay, although it can get a bit wordy at times. Absolutely play this game if you like the first two Paper Marios. Hopefully this game gets its own TTYD-tier sequel so we can finally dump Intelligent Systems in the trash where they belong!

11. DOOM ETERNAL - idk over 20 hours for sure - 8/10 - 3/31/21
Fun as hell. This and DOOM 2016 are games that are guaranteed to put you into that flowstate of satisfying challenge and success. Weird thing, though, is that I think some of the enemies were nerfed by the big DLC patch in the middle of my playthhrough. Which is weird because I'll never get to see the original Marauder that everyone was whining about. Oh well! I still had a blast and collected every item in every level. The addition of a hub world was great; it adds a nice break between some of the more draining levels. Will definitely get the DLC expansions at some point.

12. KILLER IS DEAD - 11:09:29 - 6/10 - 4/11/21
Three words: style over substance. There's no better way to describe this game. Combat is fun but pretty basic and button-mashy. You can literally launch an enemy and mash the attack button to do an infinite combo on them. Visual style is sleek with its dark, heavy shadows on everything. It looks "cool" but I have no idea what the story was going for the whole time. Film noir DMC brotherhood rivalry? Symbolism about the sun, moon, and Earth? Forgotten and twisted childhood memories? Minigames where you sneak looks at women's titties and panties? What even was this game? It ends on a sequel hook as well, ensuring we'll never get the full answers. I'm convinced the devs just threw darts at a wall of ideas and crammed it all into one game. Grasshopper Manufacture already had an established, cult classic franchise about assassinating wacky targets anyway. This game's existence baffles me!

13. THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY: CURTAIN CALL - 12:36 - 7/10 - 4/12/21
Yup, this sure was the sequel to Theatrhythm! I don't remember much about that first game, but were the RPG "mechanics" always this pointless and hamfisted? And was the "story" always this barebones, with literally nothing happening except Chaos showing up at 20,000 points, forcing you to play a song, and then credits rolling? Oh well, I bought this game to play random FF songs in rhythm game form and I got what I paid for.

14. BANJO-KAZOOIE: NUTS & BOLTS - 16:53:19 - 7/10 - 4/27/21
No one really knows why they took Banjo and turned it into a vehicular challenge game, I had more fun with this fan-hated supposed abomination than I ever did with Tooie. Not even trying to be contrarian, the simple gameplay loop of "should I try to brute force this with a premade vehicle, add 2 more engines to something I already made, or spend 10 minutes making an abomination just for this challenge?" is 10 times more engaging than anything that happened in the previous entry. Showdown Town is a surprisingly fun hub world to explore as well. Of course, the game DOES have its faults, like how easy it is to make a car with dogshit handling, or the pointless Jiggy retrieval/vending system, or how the game goes out of its way to feel smarmy and insulting to people who wanted a normal Banjo sequel.......but fuck it, if you like messing around with vehicles or physics engines, this game is worth playing.

15. RESIDENT EVIL 6 - 22-23 hours - 5/10 - 4/28/21
This game is so depressing. Every mistake Resident Evil 5 made with RE4's basic formula is doubled down on here. It's a shame because all of the new actions the player can do make this potentially the most expressive action-horror game ever made. You can dodge roll, duck, leap onto the floor and shoot your weapon, sprint, slide, roll and shuffle on the ground, counter enemy blows, running attack, multiple melee options, take cover behind corners and waist-high walls, quickshot, backflip, and maybe more. The game barely tells you about most of these, but it's still cool that they're there. So with those combat mechanics, what went wrong? Well for starters, the game is too long with FOUR campaigns that most players probably won't bother to do. And then the rest is...everything else. It's too long to get into here, but they screwed up with the story, level design, lack of enemy hit reactions, encounter design, dumb focus on co-op (although they mostly won't die on you this time thank fuck), constant QTEs, hyper-linearity, pointless filler like door opening animations, and a metric fuckload of bafflingly horrible gameplay sections that are far too long to list. You'll be having fun engaging with the basic enemy encounters and then every 5 minutes some weird unfun bullshit section will pop up and remind you that you're playing RE6 and that simply sucks.

16. BLOODSTAINED: CURSE OF THE MOON 2 - 5:01:09 - 6/10 - 5/5/21
I hate that I didn't enjoy this game very much. They must have really taken complaints that the first one was too easy to heart because this is easily 5 times as hard as that game. I managed to beat the first playthrough on veteran (normal) mode but I got to the Stage 6 boss in Episode 2 and I was like "nope fuck this." Maybe if I admit that I suck and put the difficulty down to casual then I'll finish it, but until then...yeah, old Castlevania just isn't for me. EDIT: I switched to easy mode and blasted through the rest of Episode 2 and Final Episode. I still don't like the game very much LOL. Certain spoilery things that happened towards the end were pretty cool though.

17. TOMB RAIDER: UNDERWORLD - dunno - 8/10 - 5/10/21
Pretty good ending to a great Tomb Raidin' trilogy. Certain aspects of this game's narrative feel rushed but we finally get the answers that Legend teased about Lara's mom's fate. Levels feel like massive playgrounds to test your exploratory skills in instead of linear hallways and action setpieces like in the newest reboot trilogy. Playing the Legend trilogy makes me wonder what I ever even saw in the 2013 and beyond games. Worst thing about this game (and the PS2 iterations) though is that they never figured out how to eliminate all the jank in the climbing mechanics...or even most of it. This is very much a PS2 game in "HD" and it even runs like one. But even that can give this trilogy its own unique flavor and identity that the bland new ones could never hope to reach. Fun times!

18. MEGA MAN LEGENDS 2 - 13:56:14 - 6/10 - 5/16/21
Well, this is awkward. I was expecting to like this just as much as Legends 1, but I'd be lying if I said I had very much fun with this game at all. Sure, the graphics and camera and gameplay are improved from the original but so much about this game disappointed or even outright annoyed me in ways I never felt about the first one. There's an abysmal water dungeon that slows your movement to a crawl as your second real dungeon and that's where I knew something was just "off" about this game. The story is mostly bunched into the first and last hours of the game so it feels both very sparse and very rushed at the same time while also not delivering on a lot of its ideas. A lot of the enemies feel like complete damage sponges unless you spam (read: waste) your special weapon on them, a lot of boss fights boil down to circle-strafing and holding the shoot button while you slowly chip away at a massive health pool, the dodge move is incredibly stiff and shitty to pull off, Mega Man can't shoot at an enemies while running backwards, etc. etc. You know what? Maybe the novelty of a 3D Mega Man simply wore off between me playing these 2 games. Maybe I expected more improvements than they could have feasibly accomplished at the time so the outdated aspects feel extra outdated. Would I even enjoy the first one if I went back to it? Who knows!

19. YS ORIGIN - 8:42:15 - 8/10 - 5/23/21
This game was a pretty fun 2.5D action RPG. I played as Yunica and while my playtime seems pretty short, I feel like I pretty much got what I wanted out of this game. You see, you're actually supposed to play the game as 2 different characters which then unlocks a THIRD character to play through the game as. But as far as I know it's all the same levels, same enemies, same bosses etc. So, like......I don't wanna. It'll just sully the fun time I had with pointless padding and repetition. Yunica and co. had a pretty satisfying, if bittersweet, ending and there's nothing about it that makes me scream "I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!" So if I do end up doing those 2 more playthroughs then it'll be as a bonus, but I'm not doing them out of obligation.

20. A HAT IN TIME DLCS (SEAL THE DEAL + NYAKUZA METRO) - who knows - 7/`10 - 5/30/21
Two decent DLC expansions to a decent-ass game. Had to wait years for these to come out on PS4! They were worth it, I guess. I enjoyed the 2 new worlds plenty enough. Didn't care for Death Wish and the lack of new boss fights though.

21. NEW POKEMON SNAP - 12:21:40 - 7/10 - 5/31/21
It's finally here, the sequel to Pokemon Snap! And it's pretty good! It was definitely fun to see all these newer Pokemon in this style of game finally. The aesthetics of the game are way more sleek and modern, but I do miss some of those nostalgic sound effects tbh. You can't get the pokes to evolve this time around, which sucks, but all in all I enjoyed uncovering the "mystery" of the Lental Region. Other minor problems include the camera misunderstanding which Pokemon you were aiming for as your subject sometimes, the request system being finnicky and feeling like filler (that I barely interacted with), and some sections of the game's overall progression being grindy (water levels, I'm looking at you). Regardless, I mostly enjoyed this experience as a relaxing photo-taking trip through the Pokemon world. I'm so glad they didn't just remake the original.

22. RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD - GOLD EDITION - 11:29:49 (main story) - 8/10 - 5/31/21
Despite watching playthroughs of this game back when it came out, I still loved my first time playing this myself. It's just Resident Evil in first person and that's great. It's arguably one of the scariest games in the series too. What a great way to cleanse my palate after playing the 3 remake and 6. I also played some of the DLCs (Bedroom/Daughters/Not a Hero/End of Zoe) so those added about 6 hours of extra goodness. I had never seen anything about End of Zoe so ending it with that was a neat surprise. What a great game, although with a few disappointing and/or dishonestly designed moments that bring it down a tad. I can't wait to jump straight into RE8!

23. RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE - 13:01:47 - 7/10 - 6/10/21
I'm torn on whether to give this game a 7 or an 8. Regardless, I do think it's weaker overall than 7, although that could be my bias towards 7 because of all the DLC I got to play after the campaign. This game has highs and lows, peaks and valleys, sections that feel fully-fledged and fun and sections that feel underdeveloped or even cut down. The castle and factory levels were great, large areas to explore with mild RE-esque backtracking that lead up to satisfying finales. But the 2 areas between those (the dollhouse and the lake) felt like half-baked ideas that could have been expanded on greatly. The opening hour and the climactic action sequences were also mixed bags, albeit leading to a decent ending. Exploring and re-exploring the village between levels to find new goodies (and new enemies) was a cool idea as well. As much as I like the village itself, though, its Lycan inhabitants perplexingly end up feeling like a complete afterthought. They have nothing to do with the four lord characters or even the main villain (at least aesthetically) and all they get in terms of escalation is horde fights and boring, silent, hammer-swinging bosses. The concept art of them boasts that they were the basis of the whole game's concept but I guess they must have gotten bored of them quickly during development. Said concept art also contains an outright lie that the Lycans are more varied and intelligent than any RE enemy so far (even namedropping Ganados and Majini). This is absolute garbage; there are only THREE types of werewolf enemies in the WHOLE game and the basic ones literally just run at you or, very rarely, shoot arrows from afar. These boring werewolves are coupled with enemies that start out pretty cool (female vampire zombies with hoods) that quickly lose their hoods once you leave the castle and become the mot boring-looking RE zombies EVER. Jeez I went on a huge rant lmao. Anyway yeah I liked this game a lot but it could have used more time in the oven or something.




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  • Hypnospace Outlaw - 1/2
  • RAD - 1/3
  • Tetris Effect - 1/9
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon - 1/9
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake - 1/14
  • tint. - 1/15
  • Murder by Numbers - 1/23
  • Enter the Gungeon - 1/27
  • Lair of the Clockwork God - 2/6
  • Control - 2/13
  • Jenny LeClue Detectivu - 2/21
  • Solitairica - 2/22
  • NUTS - 2/28
  • Final Fantasy VII - 3/7
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - 3/13
  • Astro's Playroom - 3/18
  • Bugsnax - 3/22
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - 3/27
  • Breath of Fire - 3/30
  • Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise - 4/2
  • Sonic Mania - 4/4
  • Gnosia - 4/11
  • Golf Story - 4/24
  • Persona 4 Golden - 4/29
  • Titanfall 2 - 5/2
  • NieR Replicant ver 1.22283742938547129834 - 5/9
  • Paradise Killer - 5/12
  • Persona 5 Strikers - 5/31

The Hand That Fisted Everyone

i didnt even make it to twenty this year but fuck it lets gooooooooooooooo


Quote from: The Hand That Fisted Everyone on January 01, 2021, 11:45:06 AMi didnt even make it to twenty this year but fuck it lets gooooooooooooooo


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let's fucking do it

  • It's Mr. Pants - ~5:00 - 3/7 - 2/15/21
    Puzzle game made by Rare for the GBA, has some of the most annoying music, sound effects, and visuals in any game I've played, but it's so absurd that it was most likely intentional and is kind of amusing. It's fun when you have it figured out, but so many of the puzzles have exactly one solution that can only be found by repeating the level over and over again. Would have been much better with an undo button.

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beat one already: streets of rage 4 baddood;



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1. Nioh 2

2. Jade Empire

3. Nier Replicant ver. 1.2269420

4. Resident Evil VIIIage

5. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

6. Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus


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1. Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) - 1/24/2021 - little over 20 hours
Rating: 3/5
ehhhh. like i want to try and be objectivish and put out of my head that both A) this is not the game that they promised it would be and B) these guys made the fucking Witcher 3, and look at it for what it is on its own, but yeaaa also maybe its fair i don't lol. It's basically a GTA, Fallout Scrolls hybrid, and it's worse than any of those games in those series. the discourse around this game has kind of been beat to death at this point, but to summarize my thoughts: there's little reason to give a shit about V, night city is completely soulless, samey, and is basically just a boring backdrop for the story, there's almost zero choice or agency in the game, and it honestly doesn't even really qualify as an RPG, the game is buggy as fuck, most of the game feels really unpolished and underdeveloped. i didn't hate the game necessarily, i even enjoyed some of the aldecaldo stuff that's ironically outside of night city itself lol, but so much of the experience brings it down unfortunately. i feel like if it had 1-2 more years in the oven it could have hit the marks it set out for a lot better, but uh, it is what it is now I guess.

2. Immortal Fenyx Rising - 2/20/2021 - 22 hours and 11 minutes
Rating: 4/5
honestly way more fun than i anticipated when my normie coworker goaded me into picking up and playing this game lol. it's shamelessly wearing BOTW inspiration on its sleeved mixed with greek mythology lore. if you want to play BOTW with indestructable weapons and a million more collectables/power ups, then check this out. feels like there's a billion fucking things to seek out in this game and i barely scratched the surface. the writing/dialogue is corny at times but the game also just doesn't take itself seriously at all so i didn't mind too much; it was occasionally actually funny too. my issues with the game are similar to BOTW tbh. all the game's dungeons take place in a weird ethereal Final Destination esque plane, and therefor they all feel kinda samey. the game also relies on puzzles so much that they get kind of tiring by the end. "oh boy, time to move blocks or roll a ball for the 100th time". i also wish the combat was a bit more intentional. there's not a ton of enemy variety, and they all feel kinda samey regardless. there's a ton of different moves and upgrades, but by the end you can kind of just button mash with no real repercussions in every fight. also they often throw boring meat-grinder fights at you just so it feels like you've got something to do, but they aren't challenging, just a time sink. overall I had a good time, and its not overlong like some other ubi games, just wish it was a little bit tighter in terms of dungeon and enemy design.

3. Bowser's Fury - 2/21/2021 - like 3 or 4 hours
Rating: 5/5
i'm counting this as its own thing cuz its v different than mario 3d world lol fuck it. basically this game is a mario romp without walls. no loading screens between levels, no menus, nada. it's a big ole open island with "levels" that you can travel between at will. and then there's also big ole' bitch bowser who every few minutes pops up and starts fuckin' with shit that you gotta play around. my only complaint is that it's pretty short, but there's a lot of neat ideas on display here that i hope Ninty rolls with in the future; would love to see a full-ass game in this style. maybe not as much weird cat shit tho.

4. Super Mario 3D World (Switch) - 3/12/2021 - like 7 hours, idk lol
Rating: 5/5
honestly one of my favorite entries in the mario platformer franchise. there's so much variety in levels (plus theres SO MANY LEVELS), they all have little secrets and quirks to figure out, it's got multiplayer, they made the switch version EVEN FASTER, its got a boppin' soundtrack, i love this frickin game. my only complaint is that i personally get fucked over by depth perception sometimes because the camera and shadows get a little fucky occasionally, but its not usually a huge deal.

5. Devotion - 3/19/2021 - like 3 or 4 hours
Rating: 5/5
decided to pick this one up on Red Candle's new webstore as I've been wanting to play this since I heard about its "controversies". it is a very good horror game, and definitely cemented itself as one of my favorites. it tells a very interesting, dark, but also somewhat heartbreaking/touching story about a Taiwanese family. Gameplay is a mix between the usual hallway-horror style that's gotten popular, but it has a few puzzle sections and variety that doesn't make it feel boring like other games like Layers of Fear imo. There's a few jump scare moments that were kinda corny, but overall all the spooks were actually well done too. Very good game, definitely recommend if you're looking for something spooky.

6. Ratchet & Clank (2016) - 6/9/2021 - like 10 hours
Rating: 3/5
finally got around to playing through this because i picked up rift apart and am looking forward to giving that whirl on friday. for the record, i have no nostalgia for this game or this series and this is the first one i've ever played to completion, but man, this is the video gamiest video game i have ever played. like if someone came out of a 40 year coma and was like 'what is a video game', i'd show them this. the game looks great, there's a lot of cool guns, but everything else i can kind of only describe as "fine!". levels are straightforward and not really notable, the plot and humor are kind of whatever, enemies are boring, and it feels like 100 games i've played before. i didn't hate it, but hope rift apart brings a lot more to the table lol

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i've decided that 60 will be what i aim for baddood;


BEAT MY FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR.....and it's cyberjunk awdood;


Quote from: Nyerp on January 16, 2021, 09:29:29 PMBEAT MY FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR.....and it's cyberjunk awdood;

You poor soul


another game beaten, another disappointment.....it's crash 4, a game designed by sadists for the sole enjoyment of masochists!

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