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Final Fantasy XVI

Started by Hiro, September 16, 2020, 10:57:56 PM

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I'm actually pretty interested in this. wrench;
It's great seeing them return to an actual fantasy setting, even if the actual art style just kinda looks like XIV instead of something more fun. Unsure of the combat as well, but I'll reserve judgement on that one until there's more info. Supposedly the guy who created Devil May Cry V's combat is in charge of the battle system here, which is interesting.
I also liked that they went for real in-engine footage for once instead of a pre-rendered concept trailer. I have a little hope that with SE putting a few different people in charge the series might actually move forward a little, hell there hasn't even been a new mainline game announced since 2009 or so. Looks likely to be M-rated as well, which is really interesting. Music is excellent too.


i hope they add a tank to drive


the combat looks real spicy mmmmm


looks good so far, hope it's not another XIII or XV



agreed with all of the above

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