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Started by Samus Aran, May 09, 2020, 01:02:40 AM

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Samus Aran

all right, here's what i'm thinking for now

kazstream nights: wednesday, friday, sunday. ~7 or 8pm central.

also, kazstream tonight. oot randomizer seed, in its entirety unless it ends up being a super bad seed or i get way too tired. the problem with trying to split seeds between multiple streams is that it's too easy for something to happen and ruin things in between, whether it be a windows restart or a tracker crash or whatever. so from now on i'm going to always try to do complete seed runs. i'll start tonight's stream at about 7pm central with a new shopsanity ootr seed. shopsanity is pretty cool actually because it just adds a nice amount of flexibility to the randomization, but not an outrageous amount like tokensanity. so yeah, shops shuffled, but also cows because cowsanity is optimal. cows are the best part of the game and that's why oot is the best zelda game

possibilities: viewer requested song queue using nightbot. me being both exhausted (my sleep is outta wack, staying up all night streaming will help me get back to normal there) and drunk


Samus Aran

Samus Aran

i'm gonna start dark cloud on stream tonight

about 7pm central

Samus Aran

also, i've redone and re-opened the poll, with our two current games taken off the list

poll will basically be open until i finish either dark cloud or other m (obviously other m will likely be finished first)

Samus Aran

now live! dark cloud time. this game better not be ass

Samus Aran

perhaps majora's mask randomizer tonight? befuddlement


Samus Aran

tbh its not as good as oot randomizer, because mm has way more minigames you have to check, and random rupee rewards too. like all three tiers of pictograph rewards, all tiers of curiosity shop sale rewards, etc. and although you CAN set it to major items only, that's kinda boring, and severely limits how randomized things actually are. so it's kind of an all or nothing rando lol

unlike oot tho, there's no way i'm shuffling cows in cause idk where all the cows are

but i think that, when a seed for mmr is good, it's overall shorter than ootr simply because there's less dungeons. there also seems to be fewer spots where there's only one check and it's like really out of the way and takes forever and it ends up probably being nothing and you just wasted 5-10 minutes (saving the carpenters, desert wasteland shrine, fire arrows at lake hylia, etc.)


however, this randomizer randomizes music and sfx much better and the "no music" setting actually works, if i wanted to create a seed for another time where we do a music request queue. not this time tho

Samus Aran

but yeah, assuming im not out too late with my friend tonight i'll still try to start at about 7pm central bassir;

Samus Aran

Samus Aran

Samus Aran

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