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nickelodeon all stars

Started by silvertone, July 14, 2021, 09:22:33 AM

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this looks ...epic

i hope they add ren and gir


Samus Aran

yeah it's made by the slap city devs so at the very least it's gonna be fun as hell, even if completely jank lol. plus rollback netcode, gamecube controller adapter support, and stuff like DIing and wavedashing lmao

secret information acquired from one of the devs:


whoa. sounds like it might be...excellent?


btw ren & stimpy, aang, korra and catdog are confirmed via silhouettes on the box art


I watched the trailer and surprisingly it looks competent? I thought the attention it was getting was literally a meme. If this is actually good that would be p sweet

Although I'd still only really want to pay 20 bucks for it


tfw want to play for fun but like other games i know im gonna be a bit tryhard
based that it's here though
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Legit looks good and will have good online and probably good mechanics

I'm down


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