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Mario Maker 2

Started by Samus Aran, June 12, 2019, 06:41:24 PM

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I have my Switch packed for the move but maybe when I get settled again.


Mr. Harper Shows His Heels: WFR-C4B-PYF


i know i'm a year late to the party but play my dumb levels:


Snowsville: Pokes 'n' Gooms: J70-773-WHF
Frog Suit Shuffle: 2DS-GS1-3QG
Snake Way: 3 Paths: D58-7PH-GKG
Sky of Spikes: PHW-3HR-5NF
Meowser's Menacing Militia: HNR-3T0-TGF
Meowser Appears! Also, BEES!: 38J-KCF-CWF

or play them in my super world from my maker profile: 44K-2CG-R1G


also i played all of you guys' levels and liked most of them and followed your accounts ;)

The Hand That Fisted Everyone

edit the post to include my level you FASCIST./

Samus Aran

updated first page

i really want to get back into this game, and i think streaming will help me do so

Samus Aran




Mario Takes to the Sky!: ND2-7PW-51G

and yes it's hard before anyone asks, but i feel like it's also pretty fair. my castle switches level is considerably harder than this one.

Samus Aran

just got a sick idea time to make yet another level

Samus Aran

nobody likes my levels but here's another one anyway

Mecha-Koopa Castle: LYM-H51-VCG


Samus Aran

i'm sorry too that y'all willingly miss out on these bangers

Wallkick Cavern: VMS-PYM-4RF



i heard this game has a good online mode where you race against other people's ghosts

i wanna check it

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