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Pokémon Sword and Shield

Started by bluaki, February 27, 2019, 07:48:21 AM

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Tfw you spend days shiny breeding for a shiny deino and get nothing but breed one Stonejourner for someone and get instashiny

I mean it's cool to get any shiny but I feel like I used up all my luck on this dumb rock wry

Samus Aran


That would have been on theme but no it is star shiny


Just finished. Did all the single player stuff, decided I'm not going to complete the Pokedex. I got over 200 though.

Overall, this was decent, but it felt like they played it too safe overall, or rushed it, or something. It's a little bizarre how linear Galar is. There are no nooks and crannies, no dungeons, only a couple areas that are barely maze-like. It made the whole thing feel less adventurous, like there was nothing to explore. What's there is nice, but it's just so stripped back. This clearly was a conscious decision, but I wonder why. Did they not think dungeons were fun? Or is it just a way to get the game out on time while making a new engine.

The Wild Area is neat but ultimately just a toe dip and kind of dull. Game Freak evolve their games so slowly, so hopefully there will be a much better and bigger instantiation next time.

Story was also pretty bad, even for a Pokemon game. I liked the characters I guess, and I liked that gym leaders had a little more to do than just be fought once and disappear.

I liked some of the QoL things like accessing your box anywhere and being able to fly early and pretty much everywhere. Camping was ok, but cooking too slow so I hated doing it.

That's a lot of complaining for what is a really good game, but man, it could've been a lot better. It's a huge step back from VII, which might actually be my favorite gen. I suspect that in a year I'll barely remember what happens in this one, just like VI (seriously, that one's a huge blank in my mind for some reason). Hopefully the next gen will push things forward again, now that the Switch stuff is figured out. I guess this has been a trend since gen IV... First game on a system is meh, second one is amazing. Really hope that continues.

Samus Aran

cooking is initially cool because of how convenient it is, and the minigame is very very cute

but yeah man eventually i just started using healing items like in old games instead lmao. it gets really tiresome. HOWEVER i had to do some camping regardless because that's how you get sylveon in this game. playing with your eevee.

Samus Aran

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