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It's time to kill the Gamecube controller.

Started by Magyarorszag, September 18, 2018, 08:45:29 PM

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It's time to kill the Gamecube controller.

It's time to kill the Gamecube controller. Here's why.
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It's not time to kill the Gamecube controller. I will elaborate below.
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The GameCube controller arguably has some use because it's the only Nintendo controller with analog triggers (which Smash doesn't even use; not counting the original Wii Classic Controller because not a single game ever supported its analog) and the unique face button arrangement has some advantages in specific situations. Also unlike the Wii U and Switch controllers, GameCube and Wii controllers had octagonal gates around all the joysticks.

Although, if you take a Pro Controller and add all those features (effectively make a GameCube controller with better sticks/dpad, optional wireless, ZL, Select, and Home), I'm sure Smash fans will find something to complain about.


Quote from: Magyarorszag on September 18, 2018, 09:15:47 PMA comprehensive list of things that the Gamecube controller does well (vs. contemporary controllers):

. Plays Smash and Soul Calibur 2 very well


Quote from: Magyarorszag on September 18, 2018, 08:54:37 PMIt's true. I'm genuinely annoyed that the vastly superior Wii Remote is dead and I'm being forced to relearn and use a more modern input device while Gamecube babies have been coddled since 2001 and will still get to use their djunk controller into the 2020s. SocksDood;
ii remote is terrible and really the main reason the GC controller has survived to modern day :| Who the fuck wants to use a dpad for button inputs Q('_' Q)

I'm hoping dual joycons are sufficient for smash otherwise I'll probably end up having to get the pro controller/get my gamecube controllers from my childhood home


Quote from: Magyarorszag on September 18, 2018, 09:06:33 PMand i'm sure it can't be any worse than the gamecube controller, and in and of itself i don't mind having to get accustomed to a new controller because typically with every new console comes a new controller, this has been true since time immemorial

I'm just annoyed that the Melee babies are singlehandedly keeping that stupid Gamecube controller alive well past its prime and never have to relearn a thing unlike everyone else. >_<'

the gamecube controller is not even good

It's a great controller for melee (although superior options exist imo look up smashbox I think it's called) and yeah it's nice that they keep it in production for melee players

But it is really smash 4 players that kept it alive. If it was only for melee, Nintendo would have discontinued it ages ago. Sure melee players obviously benefit from the production but it's not being produced for them- rather their inferior counterparts who think they need it for a game that is 1/10th as interesting as melee


i can acknowledge that the gamecube controller might have a few functions and advantages over the the wii remote + nunchuck combo, sure, but since brawl more options than the gamecube controller and wii remote have become available

what does the gamecube controller have over the wii u's pro controller, let alone the switch's lol

Samus Aran

what does it have over the pro controller? nothing. but for smash it's still really damn good and it's what i'm used to, so it just feels nice to continue being able to use it


September 20, 2018, 01:50:26 AM #21 Last Edit: September 20, 2018, 02:04:06 AM by 6M69I69B9
the MAIN and TRUE factor for it being chosen over other alternatives is because gc controllers, or just simply wired controllers, have no input lag at ALL

let's discuss other alternatives-

the closest to no input lag ive gotten from a controller, is unironically smash 3ds/smash 3ds controller app, and that im also fond of using it.  wii u pro is so damn noticeable with lag i just cannot.  wii u game pad is actually alright, the thing is that it is barred from tournament play because lol no TO is going to have the patience w/ the time & issues syncing multiple gamepads would make.  wiimote?  lmAO yeah right.  only if wii u pro had a strengthened connection being wired to the system, it'd be gr8

so what's the last resort? 
oh, gc controllers

the only reason why it's been uhh "grandfathered" for smash, is because it literally had compatibility with brawl, and those guys got fond of it, so come smash 4, and now.  gc controllers also has a very good market outside of nintendo, custom controllers are also a thing too, and not even that, but even with controllers in circulation.  in melee there's certain things like dashbacks and etc. to play the game optimally.  and people sell controllers based on the performance it can do in melee, and to some extent, other smash games, but mostly melee though.  but vendors are more likely to sell gc controllers and their accessories, as well as services to fix them, than all the other controllers compatible with the game.

but yeah some testing has gone by lately, and it seems like the switch pro controller is actually decent.  ironically there is more lag if you have it connected than if it weren't. 

i dont mind if gc rips, but it is nice to play smash w/.  but im very open to other ones, just so long as there is no input lag god damn it. 
dam do i got a kool case for my gc controller, from beyond the summit.  wish wii u pro didn't have like 1-2 frames of input lag, it really can fk u up

if you have an idea that can convenience gc users ok gr8 but for now u'll just have to keep on making a thread once in a dozen or so blue moons complaining about it LMAO

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Oh yeah the no input lag is crazy nice. I always felt like I had such an advantage even back on the GC if I used a wired controller vs friends using wavebirds


it can live as long as it wants because i really dont care one way or the other


Quote from: 6M69I69B9 on September 20, 2018, 01:50:26 AMif you have an idea that can convenience gc users ok gr8

simply tear it from them

they can't play smash with a gamecube controller if the gamecube controller isn't an option lol, they're be forced to finally adapt to something more modern

and input lag would be completely irrelevant anyway if everyone were using the same controller (or same wireless standard, at least)

Quote from: 6M69I69B9 on September 20, 2018, 01:50:26 AMbut for now u'll just have to keep on making a thread once in a dozen or so blue moons complaining about it LMAO

But it seems like this will be the case for at least one more generation. smithicide;


Input lag is not irrelevant if everyone's using the same standard. Any increase in input lag only serves to take away from reactive skill and overall competitiveness of the game.


if the game is designed with the limitations of its hardware in mind, negligible input lag isn't really a problem lol, even at the professional competitive level (eg: they all use wireless controllers for sfv @ evo)

input lag is only relevant if different input methods vary in responsiveness (as in the case of smash), but if just one controller (or one wireless standard) were being used nobody would be concerned about it

nobody worries about multiplayer input lag in ps4 or xbollox games because there's one single wireless input standard that everyone uses, players on these platforms don't have to consider whether there might be something like a wired vs. wireless advantage

don't let's


don't let's

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