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Pizza: Pick-up or Delivery

Started by YPrrrr, September 15, 2017, 03:11:04 PM

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Quote from: David on April 16, 2018, 11:19:02 AM
Pick-up.  Delivery is stupid expensive with the delivery fees+tip and back in Flagstaff unless I was ordering from Domino’s the other delivery drivers from LoDel would always show up at the garage and be like ‘yo where’s the house’
Yeah you like double the price of a single pizza if you get delivery  akudood;


Samus Aran

pizza in the river pizza in the ocean pizza that's maritime

when pizza's in the water you can have pizza anytime


there are no fewer than five pizza parlors within a one mile radius of my house

one domino's, one pizza hut, one papa john's, and two proper local pizzerias

i would be crazy to pay for delivery +tip lol


since living on my own again I typically get delivery as I don't have a car, but where I currently live there's a papa john's that's a 5 minute walk
papa john's is shit though, if i want pizza i usually eat at a local place

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