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Childhood video game collections

Started by Thyme, July 08, 2017, 05:16:53 PM

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ITT post the games and consoles you had when you were a kid y/n

if i may propose a not-at-all-enforced rule, it could be the games you had before you got your first job

also memories of how you got some of these if you want hocuspocus;

NES (this was actually my dad's collection lol)
SMB + Duck Hunt
SMB3 (actually a bootleg of the japanese version lmao)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Side Pockets
Operation Wolf
Kung Fu Heroes

I got it for Christmas on the year I was in kindergarten, so 1993. I always got my consoles a bit late. I remember being very sick, my mom brought it for me while I was in bed during the Christmas party.
Super Mario World
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario Kart
Mario Paint
Star Fox
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Super Mario RPG (which I got much later, during the N64 years)

Game Boy Color
Pokémon Red
Pokémon Silver
Pocket Bomberman
Super Mario Land 2
LoZ: Oracle of Seasons
Miscellaneous original Game Boy games given by my cousin, can't remember them all... SML2 was actually one of those

I've had two runs with the PS1. The first time around was with the original model and believe it or not, I never got a memory card, so I would either play games that still used save codes, or I'd just play a game until I got bored with it and the next time I'd play them I'd have to start from scratch. Or I'd use cheat codes.
Then our apt. was broken in and i got the N64 below from the insurance money. The second time around, much later when I was starting to get bored of the N64 and getting blisters on my thumb from my bad joystick, I got a PS One, a memory card and essentially a new collection.
First run:
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 2 (which i beat without a memory card!)
NHL Faceoff 97
Gran Turismo
Battle Arena Toshinden
Jet Moto 2
Second run:
Gran Turismo 2
Wild ARMs 2
Final Fantasy IX
Future Cop: LAPD
Uuuuhhhh I think that's it. I rented a lot during those days, this second run and the N64 days (which were parallel) were my most active as a renter.

Goldeneye 007
Pokémon Snap
Pokémon Stadium
Paper Mario
LoZ: OoT
Perfect Dark
Super Smash Bros
X-Treme G 2
Roadsters (from the makers of Superman 64!)

and then our landlord installed a new water heater which blew the N64's power block so we sold all our games and bought a

Super Mario Sunshine
Metroid Prime
Tales of Symphonia
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!(!!!!!)
Mario Party 4
Super Smash Bros. Melee
LoZ: Wind Waker (with Ocarina of Time/Master Quest)
Resident Evil 4
F-Zero GX
Game Boy Player

and then i lost most of my collection, including the console because uuuhhhh the canon story is that my brother owed money to some guy because he borrowed weed from him or smth??? idk it's hazy after all these years

Two runs again... but tbh I don't quite remember the first one. I think I was being cautious with my game purchases because I was still resenting my brother for what had transpired, so I mostly rented. I can't even make an actual list. I think I may be repressing. >.<
But uh I remember having Gran Turismo 3 and the original Ratchet & Clank, but that's it. We had the original PS2 model.

~~ Addendum about me and my brother ~~

Up until this point my collection was shared with my brother. He also had games that were more his than mine, and vice versa. I listed some of those above, at least the ones I completed. The shooters were mostly his and the RPGs were p. much all mine.

He was much more of a borrower than I was. I remember him having an original XBox for like two-three weeks. I remember playing Burnout Revenge on it. He also had Tales of Destiny 2 lended to him, which I beat.

My second PS2 run was much more definite. I bought a PS2 Slim for myself and from that point on I became very possessive with my games and wouldn't share them at all, especially the PS3 (which I won't list since that's job money).
So, second run:
God of War
Dragon Quest VIII
Gran Turismo 4
Metal Gear Solid 2
Persona 4 (which may be from job money, i'm not sure, we're in late teenagehood in the timeline here)
Katamari Damacy (thx tyler!)
Space Channel 5 (thx tyler!)

And then I was a very bitter late teenager/early adult with trust issues and various summer jobs, and you know the rest of the story. 5thgrade;

i didn't expect this to get so personal lol


i had a job before i had video games


Quote from: SVT on July 08, 2017, 05:38:21 PM
i had a job before i had video games

wow what is it like to not have a childhood

Mando Pandango

yeah most of my games were bought myself which means i didn't have a whole lot growing up. most of them were game boy games
Quote from: Magyarorszag on August 22, 2018, 10:27:46 PMjesus absolute shitdicking christ, nu-boyah


don't have easy access to my collection right now but I had:
got the PS2 in 2006

I would typically get 2-6 games for christmas and 2 or 3 for my birthday, it was very rare for me to get games any other time of year as I only got money on xmas/bday as well so I couldn't buy my own games either. games I can remember buying myself are Hey You! Pikachu and Toy Story 2 (which I only got because Paper Mario was still sold out after checking 2 or 3 times). Only other time I can remember getting games outside of holidays were F-Zero GX, and then I got RE4 and Nintendogs as gifts for undergoing surgery


almost same, i usually wouldn't get a game on my birthday since it was too close to christmas

my dad would often buy cheap games on a whim, that's where a lot of the earlier ones come from

i distinctly remember being 13 and taking the public transports to go buy paper mario on my own, it was my first unaccompanied game purchase giggle;


First thing i owned was a gameboy.

Nes, snes were my brother's, but I played them all the time.
First home console I owned was a genesis a friend gave me for some reason.


I think I bought Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories myself as well come to think of it


I was a spoiled child and have way too many games to list. Probably helped that I had a brother so we each contributed to the pile. We probably had over 60 games for the PS2 between us. Probably over 30 each for the GameCube, N64, and PS3. No way for me to calculate for Game Boys and Dad. Wii we had like 10 games maybe.

Lot of PC games too but a bunch of those probably either started off as my dads or were quasi educational

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