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Has somebody else put something up your ass?

Started by Boyager, June 09, 2017, 12:19:07 AM

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You fuckin slut

Yes, it's awesome
2 (40%)
No and nooooo thanks
2 (40%)
Not yet but maybe someday
1 (20%)
Yes although I wish they hadn't
0 (0%)

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i went through a phase of thinking i liked butt stuff and told my gf and sometimes when we are getting a little more intimate than usual she tries to do stuff with my bum and i dont have the heart to tell her that i am actually not into it at all

i just like my own finger up my ass when i'm masturbating sometimes that's it


I slipped a finger in the back door once so I owed her that and I couldn't stand it. No more for me.

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