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Red Dead Redemption 2 comes Fall 2017

Started by Commander Fuckass, October 18, 2016, 06:10:15 AM

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i'm still on the original 500gb drive goodjob;

i'll have no choice but to replace it for this game



imagine those loading times smithicide;

or that loading time, singular

enough to go on boyah and post hocuspocus;


Will get this game at some point this year but maybe I should beat the original first lol


a lot of what i'm hearing about this game makes it sound like a snoozefest that prioritizes realism over fun in ways the first game never did. makes me kind of glad i decided to pass on it for now.

anyone here play it yet?


I'm honestly just glad that something has dethroned Brap of the Wild as highest-scoring game of the generation. giggle;

I seriously doubt I'll agree that RDR2 is game of the generation, but I can't imagine that it's anywhere close to being as unqualified for that honor as BotW is. goowan

i'm also relieved that my fears about it being gta online: wild west edition with optional offline mode don't seem to have materialized, at least not to the detriment of the singleplayer game

but yes i am very interested in hearing boyagers' opinions

i'll certainly play it myself at some point no matter what but i want to finally get reDead redemption: undead nightmare out of the way first


Quote from: Nyerp on October 28, 2018, 12:17:43 AMa lot of what i'm hearing about this game makes it sound like a snoozefest that prioritizes realism over fun in ways the first game never did. makes me kind of glad i decided to pass on it for now.

anyone here play it yet?

Idk. Nothing stood out to me as particularly bothersome because of realism, aside from for some reason you can't run when in camp.

I've heard people complain about losing your horse, but it never became an issue for me.....



So far I have found the intro very boring but the game just opened up I think so that's good lol

I shaved my hairs nice


i hate how this game tries to force hunting on you by locking a bunch of upgrades behind hunting a dozen different little animals without harming their pelts. especially considering how inconvenient it is to haul pelts around on your horse and how one of the best places to take your pelts (the trapper) is so far away from everything else in the game. they even made it so that dying will cause any pelts on your horse to disappear forever for no reason. i really wish hunting just wasn't in the game at all tbh


That's why I literally never hunted ever after the novelty wore off. Hell I never really dabbled in any of the "systems" in the game's world lol. The story is great. Everything else is kinda hmmmehhhh


I never upgraded a thing, except for the camp itself. The other stuff doesn't matter


ok good to know that i can avoid it and not miss much lol


yeah unless you're going for 100% completion or something it makes no difference. i used the repeater you get like 4 hours in the entire game with no upgrades lol


February 18, 2019, 09:29:42 PM #58 Last Edit: February 18, 2019, 09:34:47 PM by Nyerp
mfw i check the story completion and it's only at like 41% when i've been doing barely anything else besides story missions

how is this game so popular, it's all the faults of rdr1 cranked up to 11

love it when two npcs in saint denis randomly decide to become hostile and then i become wanted for absolutely no reason
then i get chased for 5 minutes until my wanted level goes down and i try to stroll over to the nearest post office to pay off my bounty but a cop sees me and another fucking chase ensues which results in my death
then i respawn back up the road after they take 115 fucking dollars from me and i STILL have a bounty
then in the process of walking over to to the post office AGAIN, there's a random event where a woman is robbed and shot and i'm penalized in honor because i wasn't fast enough in saving her because apparently failing to save someone is as bad as killing them????????????????????
and then i reload because fuck that shit and i have to walk over to the post office one last fucking time to finally pay off my goddamn bounty

and then an hour later i'm riding down a road to collect someone's debt for strauss and i'm suddenly ambushed by like 8 fucking guys who decimate me and my horse instantly which costs me another fucking 115 dollars and i haven't saved in a while so i just have to live with it i guess

like..........what is the appeal of this game to normies. 90% of the game is just riding on your horse. the aiming feels like shit. every optional system in the game is a tedious mess. this game is complete shit.


i gave up on every single system in the game, including the "oPeN wOrLd" at large like 5-10 hours into the game and never looked back. never did any side quests. never hunted. never killed any prostitutes or whatever. literally just went from story beat to story beat, turning on cinematography mode whenever i was supposed to be steering my horse so that shit would just do it itself.

in the end i enjoyed the story because that's all i played the game for.

cuz yeah everything else is needlessly tedious/confusing/unintuitive/shit.

but to be fair i've yet to play an open world game that was even like 60-70% fulfilling in terms of off-the-rail stuff it offered players. breath of the wild might be the closest because of it's exploration mechanics, but it punches itself in teh dick elsewhere.

mostly i think open world games are untenable and a mistake because they require a massive team with decades of work to make something truly worthwhile that isn't just hollow BS methinks. at the end of the day almost all of them slog you down with dumb pre-generated bullshit

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