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ebonics is just clownspeak.

Started by silvertone, April 13, 2016, 05:15:16 AM

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> mfw ebonics doesnt really bother me but i find internet speak more annoying tbh. not even spoken internet speak. just reading it makes me p. furious i am mad at myself rn. as long as ebonics isn't forced and it doesnt lose authenticity its okay. idk if i could watch the wire had all the """urban"" ppl spoke proper english


i don't like using 'fam' because that's pretty unnatural to me, and i strive to be myself online... mostly.
i use 'like' every other word and 'actually' a lot
tbh is basically a sarcasm tag
using emojis are basically a sarcasm tag
using tbh + emoji means that i'm being post-ironic
meta as it is commonly used on the internet is silly so i rarely use that word because 1) it's not well-defined and 2) you could say anything is meta without a hint of irony
using numbered lists like i used in the last sentence was something i picked up from a baby boomer, as it seems to annoy people pretty well
prolly p. much def lbh tbh faq fag


im going ot punch ur face u peace of sh*t


I just use AutoModerator to make internet slang disappear from my subreddits.
like if a user types "chad is about to die...", i have automod give him a retarded flair and have automoderator filter everyone with the retarded flair so they disappear from then on


there's nothing wrong with ebonics, i just mean that's it's good for making the Humor because that it's main purpose... for sounding goofy


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