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TV - Currently Watching Thread

Started by Commander Fuckass, July 08, 2011, 11:38:26 PM

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CM Wrench

Commander Fuckass

watching The Walking Dead from beginning to end like a boss][/URL]3DS Friend Code: 5086-5790-7151


Hell's Kitchen
Breaking Bad. Just started WTF is going on? doodhuh;


Deadliest Warrior

George Washington just killed Napoleon, wtf bias

Commander Fuckass][/URL]3DS Friend Code: 5086-5790-7151

Patrick Stickles

let's not fucking pretend that we all aren't fucking amazed by gustavo in breaking bad being the biggest badass to hit television since walter white
What the fuck was it for anyway?


I love [you]

CM Wrench

fuck you dp

Now that Dexter has started, I'm watching it now


The Red River Shootout - Oklahoma vs Texas


Commander Fuckass][/URL]3DS Friend Code: 5086-5790-7151


he said fuck you dp that's crystal clear you fucker

CM Wrench


I just finished watching Breaking Bad and Doctor Who for their seasons this year. Breaking Bad was so fucking good, who... Not so much.

Watching the new season of How I Met Your Mother and trying to stand watching the new season of Two and a Half Men. I will start watching the new season of The Walking Dead sometime in the oncoming weeks when I get a chance.


CM Wrench

Walking Dead was AWESOME. I can't wait til next week.


I've heard Walking Dead was good.

Time to download it. wrench;
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