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Currently/just finished watching/reading anime/manga thread.

Started by Nyerp, June 09, 2011, 01:37:07 PM

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Samus Aran

Just finished Shakugan no Shana.

I was a bit sad to end up giving this anime a 7/10 on MAL, because I had honestly hoped it would be better than this and it was actually interesting enough to keep me watching. Plot-wise, it's actually pretty cool. But it's got some major, major flaws that just bog it down like crazy. Mostly, it just had a lot of generic-ness to it and it didn't particularly manage to surprise me...ever.

Still good, but nothing special. Not sure if I'll watch the second one ever.


I have been reading The Drifting Classroom

[spoiler]a bunch of elementary school kids just got ran over by a car 5thgrade;[/spoiler]



I decided to watch Adult Swim's premiere of Durarara!! I appreciated the tiny Baccano cameo and "what"ed at the gratuitous Spice & Wolf one...

...but yeah, I'm sticking with the sub once I finally watch it. awdood;

Anyway, I'm starting to realize how much I really do want to watch FMA:B, but I'm conflicted about which language to watch it in. Oh well.

don't let's


Quote from: 428 on June 25, 2011, 11:21:23 PM
Watch it in English

yeah that's what i was gonna go with in the first place since that's how i watched the first series but ugh al's new voice


I watched Lucky Star since Cowboy Bebop never finished downloading. I loved it.  giggle;


Quote from: silvertone on June 25, 2011, 11:30:53 PM
I watched Lucky Star since Cowboy Bebop never finished downloading. I loved it.  giggle;

...but that's the opposite of what i told you to do awdood;

wait do you mean you watched ALL of lucky star??? goonish


Yeah I watched it all in last week, unless there is more then 24 episodes? I watched the OVA thing too, I don't know what that means, but I watched it. Also I was impatient, couldn't wait for Cowboy Bebop to finish when Lucky Star has been done for days.


OVA means Original Video Animation.

And, uh, congratulations? I'm glad you liked it even though it referenced a lot of stuff you've never seen. But yeah, you should still watch Cowboy Bebop. Try looking for a download that works?

[spoiler]TIMOTEI TIMOTEI TIMOTEI[/spoiler]


Yes, thank you. I will download Cowboy Bebop asap. My friend sent me Azumanga Daioh and I watched all of that over the weekend (I am a lonely bastard.)

"very Good"- my review.

Samus Aran

i have been meaning for a long time to actually watch all of azumanga

i've only ever seen like the first four episodes


I just recently watched all of Full Metal Panic (with Fumoffu and Second Raid) and the first season of K-ON. The latter was better than I expected, but I don't really see why it's mentioned so often in many anime-obsessed parts of the internet.

Looking at MALs, I notice Dragon Ball and Z is listed as finished by like everyone but me. Also, Kaz has like 4 more days of anime watching than I do >_<'

Edit: I watched all of Ika Musume (Squid Girl) tonight after posting this. I liked it quite a bit too happydood;



i just watched the first episode of dirty pair because i liked the opening befuddlement


i finished dororon enma-kun meeramera

it had a good OP and it was funny sometimes and i guess it was nice to see a bunch of references to older anime, but it was all bogged down by unfunny drawn-out segments and annoying fanservice

the best character was harumi, everyone else was annoying as fuck

overall poop/10

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