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Official Boyah Time Capsule - Accept no Substitutes!

Started by Samus Aran, November 12, 2009, 08:12:16 AM

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Samus Aran

this is now an official time capsule

dump the shit that is currently yours on boyah or anything going on in your life right now


Samus Aran

first, my stuff on boyay that will likely be changed by then in some way:

Close the world, nepo eht txEn

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Quote from: GENOP on February 02, 2009, 07:34:05 PM
I remember at my 16th birthday all my friends threw silly putty at me and I cried


oh yeah the profile

so that was the macros here's the profile

I'm a Damn Retard

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hey me in one year

i hope you're not dead

um here's some shit i guess


Samus Aran

hey me in one year, you better have popped the question by now or you're a pussy

also you better have a cooler hairstyle, loser


hey thyme

don't forget classic's birthday it's like in two months

and forget about david's it's too late that was a month ago maps;

Also, did you get laid yet? Jesus christ. akudood;


hey me in one year
have you finally decided college isn't worth the trouble akudood;
and doesn't it suck to know that you'll legally be an adult in sixteen days akudood; akudood;


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I am still fairly new here but i met some cool people  happydood; (yoou know who you are)

Samus Aran

hey me in one year, dad called today

has he called you recently? i hope so.




Dear future Boyah (if you exist)

My hands are cold.

Love: Dog in suit.


don't let's

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Will boyah be here in one year as it is now?

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