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Recently purchased, played & beaten

Started by reeper, November 08, 2007, 01:43:56 AM

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No boyager cares but I started playing DCSS again

Really wish there was a good Android port. Since I've already beaten the game with a melee character (considered easiest) with only 3 runes (bare minimum to beat the game, you could explore every branch and get up to 15 runes) itd be cool to win on my favorite race class combo: tengu summoner

Tengus are sick because they can fly permanently at level 14 for more speed and they have decent proficiency in polearms and casting, which is tight because I can summoner monsters in front of me and then reach over them with my spear or whatever to hit enemies. Tengus are limited with their armor choices tho so Im usually really squishy unless I get insane RNG. But they have good evasion so I can always focus on that. I've had a couple good runs since I last got re-into it but haven't had a single rune lol

DCSS is tight


Today I 100%ed Kirby Star Allies, or at least I consider it 100% when I completed all the puzzle piece pictures.

The game marked my file as 100% a couple weeks ago when I cleared the boss rush at the highest difficulty, after I already cleared Adventure mode and every other mode, but I went back for this. There's a "Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!" mode that has you play a bunch of stages as all the other characters besides Kirby, but I originally only cleared it with one character, so I collected more puzzle pieces by running through it with all the special "Dream Friends" like Meta Knight, Marx, Adeleine, etc. There's 13 of them and each took on average just over an hour, and clearing them all was just enough to collect all the puzzle pieces for me (it's sorta RNG based though). It's somewhat repetitive, but they all at least have some unique stages mixed in there.

The game actually marks which characters I cleared it with, so I guess you could say full completion requires playing with all 24 of the regular allies too, but I absolutely don't care enough for that, not to mention none of them have unique levels (all identical) and they each take much longer to complete (more like 1h40m on average) than the dream friends.


"hey what's the last game you beat in 2018"

fuckin......... universal paperclips lmao


Blu, how did you feel about the Kirby game overall? I'm kinda tempted to get it, as I haven't played a new Kirby in forever.


Quote from: SloppyJimbo on January 01, 2019, 04:55:07 PMBlu, how did you feel about the Kirby game overall? I'm kinda tempted to get it, as I haven't played a new Kirby in forever.
It was underwhelming at launch, but after the post-release free updates it's pretty good.

Still, I think I'd say Planet Robobot (3DS) is my favorite Kirby game, closely followed by Triple Deluxe (3DS) and Super Star (DS/SNES). I'd rank Star Allies fairly high, but not in the top three, and it's $60 price tag is higher too. I think you can get Robobot for like $20 right now. Star Allies in particular is a lot easier to appreciate for people who played a lot of the Kirby games, as its dream friends are filled with references to all the past main Kirby games.

I'd consider the latest 4 main Kirby games (Wii, Triple Deluxe, Robobot, Star Allies) part of a Modern Kirby subseries that all play and look very similar (and are all directed by Kumazaki). Some people who are used to the older games won't really like any of them, especially people who want another Kirby 64 because really nothing is like that game, though Star Allies at least reintroduces a different kind of combined copy abilities.


Cool, thanks. I think I'll wait for a price drop.

I haven't really played a Kirby since 64 - maybe a little bit of some of the GBA ones, but not enough that I'd count them. I didn't really like 64 that much when it came out, but loved Super Star.



Quote from: TooB on January 02, 2019, 07:20:09 PMWhere can I get Robobot for $20?
Looks like I was wrong, the $20 price I saw recently was a temporary holiday sale on the eShop (and maybe one or two physical retailers) that ended around new year's. Triple Deluxe, on the other hand, has a permanent price drop to $20 under Nintendo Selects.


I got rank 1 survivor for the first time in Dead by Daylight
was so happy even if rank doesnt truly matter past rank 10 tbh (better teams you can be matched up with compared to lower ranks)
but i unlocked the achievement at least lol
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finished Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones



Got NSMBUD when it came out and Picuniku last Thursday



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