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Started by 6M69I69B9, August 22, 2017, 05:34:17 PM

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what games do you play on mobile

I play hearthstone, fire emblem heroes, and shadowverse (casually)

sometimes I feel like after getting legend in hs, my motivation to climb the ladder has diminished since i hit the highest rank, though idk i still play it.  blizzard is shit though, honestly- the FASTEST theyve EVER balanced a card, took three months.  really hate how slow they are with quality of life changes too, excluding any balancing. but they've been adding in a few quirks.  but still

im actually addicted to fire emblem heroes.  i have all my favorite characters with optimal stats (units have iv's in this game, and jesus christ am i lucky to have two teams of favorites to have optimal/near stats).  i have 20+ 5* chars, about a fourth i got up to with feathers. 

and then shadowverse- which is a much more generous game than hs, similar game, just a few different mechanics.  less rng bs, which i like.  but it seems a bit expensive to make a deck, jesus.  having three of a legendary = hell.  i just started not too log ago though.  lol they give you like 43 packs right out the gate- 10 for each expansion
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I mostly just play Pokemon roms. Playing HGSS atm.

TBS games are fine too I play through advance wars every once in a while. Golden Sun is fun.

I tries playing hearthstone once upon a time but it just feels terribad that to do well you have to have good cards and unless you want to grind and lose a lot you pretty much need to spend money


like on my actual mobile phone? none on a regular basis. i liked the infinity blade series but i played them to exhaustion. i also enjoyed the painfully short monument valley; need to pick up the second one one of these days.

other than that i just play my handhelds when i want to game lol


of the only good mobile games ever:

Quote from: C.Mongler on August 23, 2017, 10:14:11 AM
infinity blade

Quote from: C.Mongler on August 23, 2017, 10:14:11 AMmonument valley

one is ios-exclusive, the other is about 2.5 hours long

everything else is exploitative slop or the equivalent of a 2004-era flash game


I keep thinking this thread is about mobas being garbage


well, that's true too


Quote from: YPargh on August 23, 2017, 11:25:34 AM
I keep thinking this thread is about mobas being garbage

that is also why i originally clicked on it lol


Basically just Love Live, but even that I don't play all that much. I don't even get the login bonus most days and I don't participate in many events

I played Fire Emblem Heroes for a couple weeks when it first came out then stopped. I played Fate GO for a couple days when it first came out then stopped. I considered trying the new Madoka gacha game that just released yesterday but didn't bother after I noticed Google Play says it's not compatible with my device even when I used a Japanese IP.

tbh gacha games seem way too demanding and harsh to me, so I can't get into them all that much

As for other games, the new Layton game is pretty nice. It's basically just like a all the DS Layton games and it released on mobile before 3DS. There was also a mobile-only "Layton" spinoff game a while ago that I liked (Mystery Room) that's basically murder mystery similar to Ace Attorney's investigation parts. The Android Ace Attorney ports are good but you can play all of them on 3DS too. I liked Monument Valley.

I tend to prefer games I can just play and actually finish.


I spent a year playing and eventually beating nethack on my Android. Haven't got sucked into another game via my phone since. Nethack was quite the ride, though.


i play fe heroes daily and that's about it for mobile games for me
i've never spent money on it though and i only have one fully leveled team, almost have a second one
it's mostly waifu collector for me

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