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PoTD: Which 3DS model(s) do you own?

Started by Magyarorszag, August 08, 2017, 01:16:24 PM

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Original 3DS
3 (16.7%)
Original 3DS XL
5 (27.8%)
Original 2DS
1 (5.6%)
'''New''' 3DS
4 (22.2%)
'''New''' 3DS XL
5 (27.8%)
'''New''' 2DS XL
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 12

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Quote from: Snowy on August 12, 2017, 04:23:39 PM
How can you tell if you have IPS displays? confuseddood;

[spoiler=fair warning: it's the sort of thing that won't bother you unless you're aware of it]

you can often tell just by testing viewing angles

the more the image fades/discolors, the more likely the display is to be tn


on the bottom image i can't tell which is which or for which screen


basically the displays with greater clarity at odd angles are ips


yes i know that, but that 2nd image is a bad example


also I have the old 3DS XL New Leaf "poptart" edition, thanks to felt


i mean, it'd certainly be better if they had used the same game for each unit, but imo it's pretty clear that the right has an ips upper display

at the very least, the difference in the legibility of "pokemon" is stark


that's what i was guessing but i assumed the bottom image was supposed to be focused on the bottom screens

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