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Coffee Snobbery Thread

Started by antmaster5000, December 25, 2016, 02:42:17 PM

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I think this thread will only appeal to me and snowy but who knows maybe we can have some fun  lubdoods;

Like I've mentioned I started working at a specialty coffee company and am having a blast learning about everything. We do our own roasting and import directly or through trusted importers from farmers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, and Indonesia. Might be forgetting a few sources.

So far my favorite coffees:
Kenya Kiriga - Strong grapefruit and orangey tones. Really unique and distinct.
Indonesia Bali - Really light and fruity. Has been described as how the milk in trix or other fruit cereal tastes after you're done with the cereal. Really cool flavors.
Ethiopia Wote Konga - Hella good blueberry tones. Yummy

I've been drinking a lot of espresso but have really been focusing on my Aeropress and am keen on becoming adapt with my new chemex.

So far my current at home setup consists of:

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder
Good burr grinder that doesn't really leave much to be desired. Maybe some day I'll spend more for a more accurate grind, but it definitely gets the job done.

Bonavita Gooseneck Variable Temp Kettle
Originally got this a few years ago for tea, and it's great since you can set it to a specific temp and have it hold at that temp as long as you want. Definitely useful for filter coffee too (205 degrees seems to be better than a boil for aeropress at least)

Of course I also have an Aeropress that I've had varying luck with over the years. I've finally settled on a method that i consistently like. 18g of coffee, medium/fine grind, invert the aeropress, pour in in water to the "2," stir to submerge the grounds, then pour to the very top. Let it sit for a minute, and plunge over 20s. My current scale only goes up to 500g which isn't enough for some methods I've tried (non inverted) but I just ordered this beauty which should be good for further calculations:
Will be great for the Chemex, and the fact that it counts up so I don't need an additional timer is really nice. The same model we use in our shop :)

I actually haven't started espresso or filter training at my work, since they make you a "cashista" (pls kill me) for the first few months to learn the ins and outs. We have a 40k synesso machine that I can't wait to learn the ins and outs of, but I don't think I'll be adequate with that for a few months at least.

coffee  giggle; giggle; giggle;


hey im a lite snob okay!!!

i just got an aero press and its pretty damn dope. been making espresso shots all day which is probably going to give me wicked headaches soon cuz im now at like six shots a day. i want the kettle you posted, but for now im using a simple kettle with a good ole thermometer in it

i need a new grinder too, mines some 20 dollar mr coffee piece of shit but it gets the job done

i wanna find some roasters in the area; im sure theres not many tbf. dont have the luxury of living in god damn seattle :(


Oh dude hype! The aeropress is so great. I've used mine for like 3 years and have mixed up the brewing methods a lot. The inverted one I posted about is prob my favorite. For a budget grinder id check out something like this:
I'm thinking of getting one for backpacking actually. For any grinder you get just make sure you get one with burrs instead of blades.


Also I PMd mongler about this but if anyone has a reasonable home brewing method I'd happily send you some beans roasted by my work I have TOO MUCH and it is sad watching them all lose freshness


I have a KitchenAid electric kettle that I use all the time, mostly for tea, a Teavana perfectea maker loose leaf thingy, and a super cute Bodum french press
my roommate also has a chemex
also my gf works at a starbucks in target, and 2 of my other roommates work at a standalone starbucks so they (not my gf) get free stuff a lot


well i guess i always use my bodum  french press or our espresso machine but i just have a generic electric kettle.
i really want one like you've got, i'm a stickler for precise temperatures. that shit matters yo

i've got a trusty lil mr coffee coffee grinder too. i aint no plebe buying pre-ground coffee


You could always get a little wand thermoter but yeah the variable temp kettle is totally top tier


i got my dad a burr grinder for christmas 2 years ago, it's pretty great. he has like krupps espresso maker that's pretty solid too. it's like... not the most luxurious thing but for a standard retail thing it's pretty great.
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Quote from: Snowy on January 14, 2017, 02:52:44 PM
i got my dad a burr grinder for christmas 2 years ago, it's pretty great. he has like krupps espresso maker that's pretty solid too. it's like... not the most luxurious thing but for a standard retail thing it's pretty great.

yeah i've come to realize that good coffee that is freshly ground by a decent grinder is really the most important factor with coffee. you can make good ass coffee on a drip machine if you really want to lol


lol this is now coffee general, fuck it

whats everyones favorite reasonable cost/tasty flavor coffee? my go to is trader joe's kenya AA coffee, shit is smooth as a baby's asshole


I literally only drink coffee that my work roasts since it is super dank and I get it free but I'm super into Kenyans and Ethiopians.


my gf used to work at one of the best coffee shops in town so i used to be on that free good good bean bean grind but then the owner closed the shop lol

so now back to trader joe's it is :(


Currently drinking an iced coffee from Jack in the box

It's pretty shite, Mickey Ds is better



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